Monday, 26 March 2012

Ninja Gaiden 3 Review

Ninja Gaiden games in the past from what I can remember had really hard difficulty and it had some brutal killings like decapitations. But they seem to be thrown out of the window for Ninja Gaiden 3. I loved slicing heads and limbs off but this time round it seems you can't do much brutality. The AI I heard was dumbed down this time round so new comers could play the game. Well it is a smart idea to do this as new people who might not be used to the difficulty of Ninja Gaiden games. While that is smart the long time players will be mad as the difficulty even on hard isn't what it once was.

The first thing I want to get into is the difficulty. There is a new option for Ninja Gaiden 3 called Hero mode. While in Hero Mode if your health drops too low you will turn into a pretty much unbeatable character and I really mean unbeatable as it can auto block/evade things. Do not use Hero Mode at all as it defeats the purpose of a game you want a challenge don't you? Well stay clear from that mode. Although you will probably be killed in the hardest mode a few times you will find yourself killing the enemies by just simply button mashing.

Gameplay is not like the old gameplay from previous Ninja Gaiden games for me it has just turned into a button mashing game. In the previous games you had to choose wisely when to attack or you be dead. In Ninja Gaiden 3 you can just press the same two attack buttons and get through to the next part of the game. Something that annoyed me and later made me become very bored of the game was the fact that to up the difficulty of the enemies they just add waves of enemies which is pretty cheap way of upping the difficulty. You will only find yourself with one weapon which is not even upgradeable. In the old games you had an array of weapons that could be upgraded.Why didn't they want to add RPG elements to the game? It would increase things to do in the game. After you killed some enemies you should have gotten like points that
could be used to upgrade your weapons or character.

There is also just one magic spell while it is a pretty cool one it gets repetitive/boring after a few times. It also makes the easy game even easier. I was also having problems with the camera system as it would move into the main character making it impossible to see the enemies. Hell the camera system caused more deaths than the actual gameplay. Graphically the characters are well done and the cut scenes are nice and sharp but everything else looks pretty bad like the backgrounds. The sounds are mixed for me I liked the music that was playing during the fights but things like the characters voice overs are nothing good at all and the sounds for fighting are terrible how many times do we have to hear that same slice sound? Or hear the enemies shout the same thing over and over.

The story isn't one of the high points of the game while it takes 8-10 hours to beat the main campaign which is good the story is just bad. I am not going into detail because of the spoilers and such but I can say it just makes no sense at all. New comers to the game might be happy that they don't have to play with a hard difficulty but they will be scared away from the franchise with the story. There are times were there is absolutely no explanation for what just happened and add confusing moments to it equals a bad story. If you get a chance to play it you will understand what I mean.

Not a fan of multiplayer but I guess its good that they added it because it gives the player a reason to actually play it again after the game is finished I tried it out and I really don't like it. Its just pointless and not fun at all I know I said its a positive that they added multiplayer because like it or not it does add something extra to the game.

Well you might be saying with a bad story, pointless multiplayer, repetitive gameplay and a flat out disappointing game was there anything you liked? Well yes there is some things I liked. I liked the boss battles at first they was pretty cool but then again just like the whole game it suffers from repetitive things. The bosses were fun but then it was pretty much the same thing for the rest of them. Like I said above I enjoyed the music in the background while killing people it just seemed to fit the game and actually at first really made it fun while slicing some enemies. The cut scenes and character models of the main characters were also high points of the game.Sadly this is just not enough to justify a $60 purchase but if you are a die hard fan of Ninja Gaiden you still might want to check it out as you can play the game and see were it went wrong for you as well. Whether you get it on a sale price or by renting the game.

The final verdict

The problem with the game for me is that everything is there for it to be a good game but it is just executed poorly and comes off as rushed. I don't get why everything is so limited and why things that were liked are removed from the 3rd game? Ninja Gaidenat first (Well who doesn't?) but it suffered from repetitive problems like waves of enemies that just keep coming gets really boring the repeated dialogue from enemies gets really annoying and the lack of special magic moves and weapons is a real down point for the game. I love the previous Ninja Gaiden games so it wasn't easy for me to give it such a negative review I was looking forward to this game and it just ended up being disappointing.but this one was just not a Ninja Gaiden game.

If they ever made a 4th game they need to LISTEN TO THE FANS! They would tell you were you went wrong and how you could improve the game. This review and many other reviews are a start and they could read the forums and they will also list positives and negatives. If they listen and improve and add were they went wrong I am sure that Ninja Gaiden 4 (If it happens) would be loved like the old game.

+ Addition of multiplayer adds more replayability
+ Nice detail for character models and sharp looking cutscenes
+ Bosses are pretty fun

- Bad story
- Lack of weapons/upgrades/collectibles and other things that would have increased the game time.
- Repetitive gameplay

Final Score


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Review

I love Resident Evil. Some of the games that have come out of this franchise are in my all time favourites like the remake of the original Resident Evil on the gamecube. I own pretty much anything Resident Evil and Resident Evil 6 is a game I am really looking forward too. So now you know I am a huge fan of the series lets get to the review.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is not your "traditional Resident Evil" game it is more of the shoot everything in your way type of Resident Evil. It does however still stick to Resident Evils story as this takes place during Resident Evil 2and 3. This time though you are playing as members of Umbrella who are trying to destroy all evidence of the incident. That is pretty much the plot details.

The gameplay for this game is like your traditional third person shooter with some Resident Evil elements added to it like the first aid sprays making a return and the classic enemies like Zombies, Lickers and Hunters also make a return to this game. The main problem with the gameplay for me is the horrible and I really mean horrible AI for both my team mates and the enemies. There is many problems with the team AI as they can do things like get in the way of the screen making it impossible to see any of the enemies coming at you.

The AI even ruins a pretty cool feature introduced to the game as you can become infected and if you don't have a spray to stop the infection you will then start to attack teammates (You have no control over this) who will have to kill you but then they do not even revive you! I recommend playing with others and not with AI as the AI is extremely clumsy and can ruin the whole game for you. There is many other gameplay problems like the extremely overpowered melee combat. AI for me is a huge problem with the game there is just so many problems with it that you want to give up with the single player trust me play with humans.There is also a problem with the balancing of the enemies as enemies like a tyrant can be killed quickly while a Licker can be the enemy to cause your ammo to disappear. I was also having serious problems with getting into cover sometimes and really caused me to lose more health than just shooting and not covering.

The story mode of the game is nothing much at all. I finished the single player mode in about 5 hours which is very disappointing. The actual story was pretty good for me being a Resident Evil fan as you get to see the event of Raccoon city in a different way which is interesting but to people who want to play this game to shoot zombies and have never played Resident Evil before you won't have a single idea what is going on and what the game is about. The actual people you play as are extremely boring you won't care about them at all unlike previous Resident Evil games. I seriously didn't care about these guys that much that I can't remember
many of the teams names. Without spoiling anything the end can play out in two different ways which is something I always welcome as it gives a reason to play the game another time round to see a 2nd ending.

Now I got through that I tried some online out. There is four modes with an extra Xbox exclusive DLC mode. The modes are Hero Mode were you can play as classic Resident Evil characters like Leon and Ada in a 4 against 4 match, Survivors is where you have to survive until the helicopter arrives, Biohazard is where you have to get the G viruses and finally team attack which is pretty much team deathmatch (There is a DLC called nemesis mode but I didn't get a chance to play it) Online for me was actually a high point and was
very fun playing it with friends online. Didn't have much connection problems and played pretty smooth. My favourite mode has to be Hero mode just to play as the old classic characters.

The final verdict 

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon city is not really that good and I hate to call a Resident Evil game bad but this pretty bad there was some serious potential for this game but terrible AI for team mates and enemies, horrible cover system and a short single player mode really ruined any potential this had. It seems really rushed and would have been a decent game if it had much more work on it. I was really intrigued by the possibilities of seeing what else was going on during the time period of Resident Evil 2 & 3 but the game just ended up leaving a sour taste in my mouth. The only good/fun I got from the game was online which is actually pretty damn fun. Before even thinking about getting this game make sure you have friends who will also buy it as it makes it much better. I just hope Resident Evil 6 doesn't come close to the score I am giving this game.

+ Fun Online
+ Two endings

- Horrible AI
- Cover system
- Single player can be finished in 4 hours

Final score


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fifa Street Review

I am a big fan of the Fifa series, I have played many, many Fifa games in the past and I also play the new ones every year. I have also played the Fifa Street games in the past and to be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of these game I thought they was OK but not great. After a four year gap from the last Fifa Street game lets see if EA Sports can change my opinion of the Fifa Street series.

When you get to the main menu you will have five options to choose from. The first mode is "Hit The Streets" which is basically the normal quick match seen in all sports games. When you have chosen that there is another five match types you can play these are 5-A-Side, Panna Rules, Futsal, Last Man Standing and custom match. There is a nice array of match types to choose from and the custom match will add even more match types on top of the four that you get. I played the normal 5-A-Side mode first and I must say its pretty fun there was a few hiccups here and there with the gameplay but it was pretty much pick up and play I had a rematch straight after because the match is only 6 minutes long which is pretty short. I had fun with my two quick matches and I can say to people who are worried that you will have to master this game will not have to worry as you can just pick the controller up and start to get an idea pretty soon. Then there is always the practise arena that returns from the main Fifa games which will help you get more of an idea of the controls and the gameplay but trust me you should have an idea of the game after a match or two.

Having a match or two will help you play the basics but if you want to really good then you will have to learn some of the advanced controls which can be difficult to get used to compared to the easy basic controls so I suggest looking into the tutorial videos that will give you hints and tips on how to do more advanced things on
Fifa Street and also I recommend to try the practise arena to perfect the advanced controls that you will learn but if you like playing causally for fun and want to keep the difficulty low then the basics should keep you happy as I found it easy to pick up and play with the basics.

The next match I tried was Panna Rules. Panna rules is another fun game where you have to build points up by doing things like a panna and then cash them in by scoring a goal into much smaller nets so it is tricky at times to get the goal. The game is also 2 vs 2 and has 2 two minutes halves. The next game I tried was futsal. Futsal is were there is no walls around the arena so you have to watch were you sprint and shoot. Its not much different than a normal game it just makes it more challenging for both of the teams playing and is just an OK mode. The next one I tried was Last Man Standing which is 4 V 4 with no goalkeepers and when a player scores a goal he is out of the match this is until all four players on one of the teams are out and they will win the match. I thought this was another fun mode and it was the mode I played the most because I liked it that much. Then you can make your own kind of match choosing from different options these options include Match type, half length, extra time, golden goal, how many players, if you want a goalkeeper or not, ball type and fouls on or off. As you can see there is many options to choose from and many new matches to be made.

Then to the bad news I came across some bad bugs and glitches in the game one that I can say ruined some matches for me as your player can actually get stuck to the wall of the arena and you can't get off it until the end of the half which really ruins matches and especially matches like Last Man standing and sadly it wasn't a one time glitch as it has happened a few times now and then I had some really weird ones like the player randomly falling down like he was tackled when no player is near them and some other smaller bugs that are not worth mentioning as I came across them once and aren't bad. I do hope that bug with the player getting stuck to wall gets fixed though.

Online was another disappointment for me. The Online matches run nice and smooth for me which was good to see but some of my favourite modes on single player are not able to be played online. Remember how I said I thought Last Man Standing was the best mode on single player well that along with Panna Rules are not online compatible I don't know why they are not able to played online as they are really fun modes to play by your self or with local friends imagine how much fun we could have by playing against people all around the world? I was leaving Online to last because I was really looking forward to competing with people on Last Man Standing mode to see how good other people are as well and also for the pure fun it would be to do so. Really disappointed with this as those two modes was a must for online. The other online flaw is that you can not play with real licensed teams online which for me is a really big flaw as I really like playing with official teams online and playing as the real players.

I played the world tour mode as well and it is OK its just basically you start off as a small team and you win matches and tournaments and build yourself up and then you play bigger matches and bigger tournaments its a pretty good mode nothing to go crazy about but still good. Some other random thoughts that I can think of is that there is no commentary so you can hear the players shouting which can get a little annoying at times the menu music is decent and is the similar kind you get in the Fifa series and there is some arenas that you can unlock by playing the world tour mode.

The Final Verdict.

Fifa street is much better than its previous additions and easily my favourite of the series the high point of this game is the different array of game modes to play offline but sadly cannot be played online for some reason that I don't know. The gameplay is fun and like I said easy to do basics after a few matches mix that with a few bad bugs you still have a pretty decent game and worth playing when you get some time. Like I said the game has its glitches and bugs and removals but the game is 100% fun to play and even more fun to play with multiple people locally.

+ Fun gameplay
+ Different game modes like Last Man Standing and Panna are great
- Bad glitches and bugs
- No licensed teams online
- Lack of online game modes


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Review

First before i get into the review i would like to let everyone know I really like Tekken games but for some reason I have not ever played a Street Fighter game fully I played a little bit here and there but not the full gaming experience. So you are getting a review from a pretty new guy to Street Fighter but also a long time Tekken fan. I love fighting games and have played many so i am looking forward to getting into this review.

So the first thing I got into was the tutorial because I didn't want to completely suck at the game and give the game an unfair review. To any new comers make sure to play the tutorial because before doing it I didn't know that you have to press nothing  to block so it was very helpful. The tutorial is optional and a message will pop up at the beginning asking if you would like to do the tutorial or not. Long time Street fighter player would laugh and press no straight away while long time Tekken fans might want to try it if they are new to Street fighter.

So now that I played the tutorial and got an understanding of the gameplay the next thing I tried was the arcade mode. I love the arcade mode of fighting games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat so it was logical to try this next. It was awesome to see that you can even play the arcade mode with a friend online and partner up. I got lots of options to choose from in arcade mode to set out how I would like to play it has many difficulty levels (8 to be exact) so you if you are OK at the game but not ready for hard they have a medium hard difficulty which is a great idea to get ready for the hard mode. Other options are your usual arcade options like rounds and amount of time.

The first thing I can say is the game boasts a pretty damn good amount of fighters to choose from and when I got into the first fight I thought the graphics looked really good. One of my favourite things in the fights was the intros into the fights as well as before each round and after the fight they are awesome. Fight controls feel weird for a first time SF player but they will defiantly catch on with you after a few fights it just feels a little weird using the L1 and L2 buttons to fight with but like i said you will get used to and it will feel normal after a few fights. The gameplay is good and is your normal fighting game kind of game so anyone who likes fighting games will feel right at home with Street Fighter X Tekken.

After beating the arcade mode I tried out some of the customisable elements of the game you can customise any character you want you can change the color of their skin or their costume. You can also customise your battle profile that you will use online you can set a title and comment. You can finally change your gem units and quick combos so there is also a nice bit of customisation on the game as well.

The next feature i tried out was the challenge mode this is were you can find the missions as well as trials and tutorial's as well. I tried out mission mode and there is 20 "Missions" it is pretty much beat the player with certain conditions and as you progress it gets harder and harder. I then finally got into the online mode which was very well done it played very smooth and I had some really good fights on there it is defiantly worth trying online and getting your rank up to be the king of Street Fighter X Tekken.

The Final Verdict

Street Fighter X Tekken is a very good fighting game. It has good gameplay, large roster, awesome soundtrack, cool arena background designs and detailed/nice looking graphics combine that with some single player modes like the arcade mode and challenge mode, customisable features and online fighting makes this game very good and I must say has made me a fan of the Street Fighter series. So if you can go buy a copy of Street Fighter X Tekken today or miss out on a great fighting game. All I can say now is BRING ON TEKKEN X STREET FIGHTER!!!

+Good Graphics
+Good Gameplay
-A Story mode would have been nice

Final Score


Monday, 12 March 2012

Silent Hill Downpour Review

This review will contain minor spoilers

I have played many Silent Hill games over the years with Silent Hill 2 being my favourite of all time but lately i feel the series has not been what it once was the made some good games but nothing close to the calibre of Silent Hill 2. After playing Silent Hill Downpour for a few hours I can say its not on the same level as Silent Hill 2 but lets see if this game can at least hold up as a good game in general.

Before getting into the game you have the option to choose how hard you would like the game to be and not just that you can choose how hard the puzzles are as well. The story for this Silent Hill is about Murphy Pendleton who is new to the Silent Hill universe. The bus that Murphy is on is sending him to a new prison but during the drive their the bus crashes which kills many of the people on the bus.The bus that crashed ended up crashing in Silent Hill. Before all that happens though you start the game in the first prison
and acts as a tutorial to the main game you will learn the basics like melee attacks and other things.

When i first started playing Downpour I thought the graphics were not the best but I don't care much for great graphics but to people who are reading this review who like amazing graphics then you will be disappointed. Once you get off the crashed bus you will be introduced into some of the gameplay features that you will come across throughout the game one of the first you will see is having the option to save or kill someone. These options most of time do not effect the story much and end up being pointless it could have been an awesome feature if it completely changes the story making a second playthrough worth it.

Now onto the combat system you will find yourself mostly using melee combat against enemies as guns/ammo are not a common find in Silent Hill Downpour. You can find all kinds of weapons to use to fight off enemies it can be things like a Wrench, a stick or even bricks/rocks. These weapons are not only used for fighting but they can also be used for other things like being able to crack the lock from a door. I liked the addition of using weapons to not only fight but to advance through the map. Melee combat for me is very hit and miss I do like that sometimes you will find yourself asking should i fight this or should i run? But the combat its self isn't good at all.

One of my favourite parts of the game is the "Otherworld" parts. These parts of the game are very intense as you have to run away from this glowing red light that will drain your life if it gets too near to Murphy. You have to act quick and turn in the right directions, getting the right direction will take time and you will find yourself retrying these parts a few times  before getting it right. The "Otherworld" sequences are easily the high points of Downpour. As you progress through the game you will start to learn more about the main character Murphy and his past again no spoilers but keep playing to find out bits and pieces about the characters past. For me Murphy is a welcomed addition to the Silent Hill universe I can't really say anything bad Murphy.

I ended up finishing the game in about 7 hours which is kind of short but this is without doing many side missions. Doing these side mission will boost your end time into the 10 hour zone which isn't bad. I unfortunately had some pretty bad  bugs/glitches when playing Downpour like freezing which will range from short 2 second freezes to flat out freezing and not coming back on. There was also some other minor bugs that most will not even get.

The Final Verdict

Silent Hill Downpour is the closest return to the Silent Hill roots in years by adding old elements and new elements to make a completely new but familiar Silent Hill adventure. There was some real down points for me though like the pretty bad Melee combat to the choices in the game meaning pretty much nothing. But then there is things like the amazing Otherworld sequences that pushes the score up some more. This game is a must for Silent Hill fans and I would even recommend it to people who like the horror genre of games. Silent Hill Downpour for me is a good game that has some big faults and missed opportunities but i would say give it a try for sure.

+ Otherworld sequences
+ Interesting main character

- Bad melee combat system
- Graphics are not the best

Final Score


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mass Effect 3 Review

This review will contain minor spoilers

After playing both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 which are both great games the expectations for number 3 was very high. Did Bioware meet my high expectations? To put it short yes they did. The story is great, the characters are great and the gameplay is great. There is nothing else i can really say? Wait there is much more to say as that is just the tip of the greatness of Mass Effect 3.

One of the best things to come out from the Mass Effect series has to be the choices matter feature in all 3 games. Remember some of those things that you did in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2? Well in Mass Effect 3 those choices will effect your game in many different ways, two people who imported their ME1/ME2 saves probably will have an entirely different Mass Effect 3 experience just from making different choices in them games. For example who survived the Mass Effect 2 suicide mission? Did Thane die? Well he won't be in Mass Effect 3 and that is just one of the many differences that can take place in the game. There are other different perks from importing a character from the past game as the level your Shepard was on in ME2 will carry over into ME3 so non of that back to Level 1 all over again.

New to the Mass Effect series? Well i do recommend you play the first and second game first just for the reasons that they are both great games alone but you should also play to see if Mass Effect is your type of game and also you can use the awesome import feature to expand your storyline. Don't want to wait to play Mass Effect 3? Newcomers will have their choices automatically chosen for them (The automatic settings means all squad members do survive) Then when you get to starting up the game you can choose how you want to play it, are you someone who likes more story than combat? Or likes more combat than story? Well Mass Effect 3 lets you choose the settings which are Action Mode(Normal combat difficultly and automatic replies),Story Mode(Easy combat and Manual replies)and RPG Mode. With RPG Mode being a combination of both Story and Action. Bioware makes the game playable to all types of gamers i personally chose RPG because i like both story and action in my Mass Effect games.

Here is a little Xbox exclusive because I even tried out the Kinect features for the game! I must say they were great the voice commands were very accurate i only had to repeat myself once so far. The voice commands can range from many things like choosing which dialogue to choose when talking to someone to telling squad members to move/attack/follow and also to tell them to use one of there special powers. I wouldn't go buy a Kinect just for this but i say if you have one lying around plug it back in and expand the Mass Effect 3 Experience. One final exclusive is there is 2 discs that need to be changed about 5 times during the game which can be annoying but nothing THAT bad.

Now i have talked about the main features of the game it's time to talk about the actual gameplay. The gameplay will feel familiar if you played any of the other Mass Effect's which is a good thing because the gameplay in the other games are great. A nice addition to the gameplay is the heavy melee attacks which you can do by holding the B button and I really like the weapon upgrades that you can add to your guns. You can add many things to your guns in Mass Effect 3 like scopes, stocks, ammo capacity, barrel modifications and grips.There is also new powers added to Mass Effect 3 just name a few, there is Carnage, Cluster Grenade, Decoy and Proximity Mines and that is just a few of many new powers as well as classic powers from Mass Effect 2 returning.

One question that gets asked with gameplay "Is there any bugs/glitches you have come across" i came across a few minor ones like one of the characters audio not working but came back after finishing the sentence and one major problem when the game froze but don't worry it happened only once. To say i am on  15 hours and counting on Mass Effect 3 and came across this little amount glitches shows that its not bad at all.

The story to anyone new to Mass Effect is the conclusion of Shepard's story were you need to bring the galaxy together as allies to take back Earth and defeat the Reaper's invasion.Without spoiling anything the storytelling is amazing and you start to feel you know these characters in real life which shows how good Bioware wrote the characters storyline. Like i said this review is non spoiler so i can't go into much detail but i can say that there is multiple endings and these endings do depend on certain things that happens in your own game. The main game can take up to 10 hours to complete but if you like to do everything there is plenty of replay value and you could be going past 20 hours+ and with the addition of the new game plus you can get right back into the action with everything you had in you previous Mass Effect 3 game (Levels and other upgrades)

I tried multiplayer and its not my thing but I thought it was pretty good I won't go back to it but people who love multiplayer will be happy to know that its good and to people who hate multiplayer

The Final Verdict

Mass Effect 3 is a great game and i recommend everyone to go buy it now because you are missing out on a great game there is nothing really that bad i can say about the game expect a few hiccups here
and there. I heard there is DLC coming so keep hold of that game once you buy it and continue your Mass Effect 3 experience.

+Great Story
+Great Gameplay
+Lots Of Replay Value

Final Score


Friday, 9 March 2012

I Am Alive Review

This I Am Alive review will contain minor spoilers.

I was first aware of I Am Alive in 2008 when the 1st trailer dropped and instantly i was hooked. I was waiting for info but it seemed as everyday went on that this game would never be released. After a shaky start the developer's was changed and I Am Alive was back and after years of waiting was announced to be coming in 2012 as an arcade/PSN game. After waiting close to four years for this lets see if it was worth the wait.

The game starts of by asking you what mode you would like to play. You can choose between two normal or survivor, Normal means you can find much more food, ammo and guaranteed 3 retry's after every save. The other mode "survivor" also known as hard mode features limited food and ammo it should be noted that you can earn more achievement's by playing I Am Alive on survivor mode. Cutscenes for the game are not your classic ones they are seen as recordings on a video camera that the main character owns these cutscenes are skipable by pressing pause and you have the choice to skip if you don't want to watch any scenes.

When i first got into the game it was a little difficult to get used to the buttons scheme at first i was pressing the menu button instead of the aim and vice versa. i also checked first if the player can jump by pressing any of the buttons which he is unable to do as well as using melee combat by pressing a button you can only attack when prompted to on the screen. I also saw two bars the classic red for health but there was another bar a white one which is for your stamina.

You have to be aware of your stamina meter as it can drop fast while climbing and if it goes to the end your character will fall and instantly die, there are ways to get your stamina back by drinking drinks or using supplies like oxygen tanks. Another feature i noticed is that the camera switches from third person to first person when aiming. The two bars are very realistic and will drop quick if you jump while climbing it will drop fast! The health bar will also drop fast if shot at its common to get shot twice and die while in other games you can stay alive after 20 shots! I like the realism but i can see how people could be frustrated with both meters.

The game features a few QTE events like when you use Melee combat and also when trying to get doors to open its the same for both by repeatedly tapping RT. One of the most unique parts of the game is the "bully" feature were survivors try to kill you to steal your supplies. You can pull an empty gun on them and they might surrender or they might test their luck and call your bluff the feature is one of my favorites of I Am Alive as there is many different variations to what these can do you can shoot one of the gunmen and a melee enemy can pick his gun up which was a very good feature of realism. As the game progresses these enemies can gain body Armour making it difficult to kill them and you also gain more weapons and also supplies as the game progresses.

Now before getting into the story there is little side missions you can do by saving survivors there is 20 in the game and there is different ways to save them, it could range from giving a first aid kit from your own personal supplies to fighting of bad guys to save the survivor.

Now the story (Just a reminder there is no end spoilers or really any spoilers just plot details) is a really basic and one of the low points of the game its the old "I can't find my family or kid" and you go on a hunt to find your family. You bump into a child that you think is yours but ends up not being her and you help her find her family and the game expands upon that. The game roughly takes about 4-6 hours to complete with more hours if you like to get all achievements. Graphics are nothing to brag about and is another low point of the game.

The Final Verdict.

I Am Alive is a very good start to a potential series of games if there was a I Am Alive 2 there is many improvements that could be included and current features that could be built onto. I Am Alive is out now and costs 1200 Microsoft points i recommend that you download the trial first for free before forking out the cash because this game is one of those that some will love and some will hate and if you end up loving the trial then by all means buy it! If you think its OK then i suggest waiting out for the 800 points sale price that it will most likely get by the end of the year.

+ Love the "bully" scenes and the many ways it can play out
+ Love the realism and survival aspects of the game

- Pretty weak story but nothing terrible
- Graphics aren't great but again nothing terrible

Final Score