Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge Review

This review contains plot details with some minor spoilers 

FINALLY! I have been waiting for DLC for Arkham City since I finished the amazing game back in October. It was always a shame that Arkham Asylum never got any story DLC with it being one of my all time favourite games but Arkham City doesn't dissapoint and has given us some brand new story DLC that takes place after Arkham City has finished. Lets see if they made DLC worthy of Arkham City.

One of the brand new features of this DLC is being able to play as Robin who also brings with him some new weapons to use like the Bullet shield and Snap Flash.Robin is here to save Batman after being kidnapped by Harley Quinn as Robin's story progresses you will also be able to play as Batman. The Batman sequences of the DLC tell us how he was kidnapped and what he was doing that day.

The main question on every Arkham City fans mind has been is it good? And the answer is simple, yes! Although it felt a bit short it was more Arkham City which is always a good thing as the DLC carries over the great gameplay and voice acting of the main game and gives us new gameplay with the Robin sequences. Without spoiling the ending of the DLC, for me it wasn't good and most might agree with me when they see it but like I said no spoilers in here.

The Final Verdict

If you still own your copy of Arkham City then go buy this right now! It is more Arkham City which is always a good thing. For anyone reading this review who do not own a copy of Arkham City already I recommend you buy the Game Of The Year edition and enjoy the main game (Plus extras!) In my opinion out of all the DLC I have played this year this has to be the best so far. Prices for the game are 10$/£6.49 for the PS3 and 800 Microsoft points for the Xbox 360 which isn't too much at all for another
2 hours of Arkham City. If possible please give us more Arkham City DLC and I will buy it Day 1 again.

+ Gameplay
+ Its more Arkham City
+ The great voice acting carries over to the DLC
+ Letting us play as Robin to mix it up a bit

- A little short
- Ending


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sonic 4 Episode 2 Review

Sonic 4 episode 1 was released in October 2010 and I thought that the 1st episode in the series was a solid entry in to the Sonic series. Some people didn't like it but I personally enjoyed episode 1 but now fast forward to May 2012 and the 2nd episode has been released with the biggest addition being Tails added as either the CPU or optional 2nd player either local or online. Lets see if episode 2 can deliver another good episode.

The biggest addition to Sonic 4 Episode 2 like I said before was Tails. He can be played by a local co-op friend or online in multiplayer and also as the CPU. Also with the addition of Tails comes new double team moves some of them are Tails acting like a helicopter on ground and underwater and teaming together to make a double dash to break through bigger obstacles. The addition of these double team moves were a good one with the helicopter underwater being the best as you can get out of the water quicker if you
are like me and hate the underwater parts.

I played online with a friend and it was a lot of fun. It ran smooth and we didn't get many problems playing online. CPU Tails on the other hand is pretty damn annoying at times for example during underwater stages he will sometimes take your bubbles to survive underwater causing you to die. It didn't happen much but when it did it was annoying. During special stages CPU Tails will not make any effort to get rings. My end score on one special stage was Sonic: 160 rings Tails: 3 this is why I recommend you play either with
a local friend or an online friend to lower the frustrating parts of Sonic 4 Episode 2. Online also gives us more replayability as you can add your scores to the leaderboard and you can replay levels to try and become one of the top users on the leaderboard.

The soundtrack in Sonic 4 Episode 2 was some of the worst I have ever heard. Sonic game usually have some of the best music in gaming but Episode 2 features annoying and repetitive music that gives you a headache after a while. Most of the music in the game is looped after about 30 seconds and is one of the major reasons why it gets annoying after a while. Another thing I would like to touch on in just a little detail is the stage backgrounds these in my opinion are very hit and miss as some can look really good while some just look boring and uninteresting its not something major for me I just thought I should let it be known to people who might care about the level designs.

The big question for me was "Is this going to be fun?" and it might be for other people I can say that this game is 100% fun, yes Episode 2 still managed to be a fun game because of things like speeding through levels and trying to get Chaos Emeralds in special stages and they are still as fun as it was many years ago with Sonic 2. One of the biggest things I look for in video games is if they are fun and Episode 2 managed to be another fun entry in the Sonic series.

As an added bonus anyone who bought Episode 1 gets the Episode Metal for free. Episode Metal tells us what was going on with Metal Sonic between Sonic CD and Sonic 4 Episode 2 and yes you do get to play as Metal Sonic. I personally think this is an awesome move by Sega to reward people who bought Episode 1 normally this would have been paid DLC but to get it for free is very cool by Sega.

The Final Verdict

Another Sonic game another good entry although not as good as Episode 1 it was still good. Gameplay is still as fun as ever, Sega giving the buyers of both Episodes extra content in return was a cool way of saying thanks to the buyer and the online features are some of the biggest positives coming from Episode 2 while CPU Tails and the soundtrack get a thumbs down for me. The game is out right now for both Xbox 360 and PS3 it costs 1200 points/$15/£10 which is quite a bit of money but I do recommend that you purchase it, maybe wait until it goes down to 800 points at the end of the year.

+Additional stages for Episode 1 buyers
+Another fun Sonic game
+Online Multiplayer

-CPU Tails
-Annoying Music

Final Score


Monday, 14 May 2012

Max Payne 3 Review

After 9 long years there is a sequel to Max Payne 2. Max Payne 2 was a great game that I loved playing on the PS2 but now that 9 years have passed and we have the 3rd game in the Max Payne series lets see if Max Payne still has it after a long break.

A brief explanation of the story is Max Payne has left New York to find work in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is now the private security guard for the very rich Rodrigo Branco but in true Max Payne everything doesn't go to plan as Rodrigo's wife gets kidnapped and it is Max Payne who will have to find and rescue her.

The gameplay is the run and shoot everyone in your way type of game but it has many different features added to spice up the shooting so it doesn't become boring and the same old stuff. The main feature added to the gameplay is the special kills, the kills are pretty damn cool looking and can range from jumping forward or backwards in slow motion while you shoot some bad guys hopefully in the head (I will talk about why aim for the head later in the review) another one that stood out as pretty cool was when you shoot the last bad guy out of the group and you can choose to slow the bullet down while there is a close up of the bullet, once the bullet hits you can be a jerk and shoot him a few more times while he is falling down.

It should be known that this game is not easy and can be very frustrating at times, this can be a good and bad thing for some people as some like the challenge and some just don't like the challenge and like to play the game smooth with no problems. The game is difficult simply because the AI is smart, an example of the AI being smart is if you stay in cover at the same place for too long the AI will notice and will end up killing you. The feeling I get from the game is that it doesn't want you to to stay in one area and shoot mindlessly at the bad guys it wants you moving around and use smart tactics or you will you be killed. Health can be restored automatically but if you are on critical health you will have to use painkillers. You might be happy to know that if you fail multiple times on a certain part of the game that you will be given extra painkillers to make the part easier for people.

The story mode will take around 10 hours to complete which is OK I guess, it did feel kind of short but 10 hours is again still OK. You will notice while playing the main story that cutscenes can be VERY long the longest cutscene was around 10 minutes! This can be bad for some people who don't like to be taken out of the gameplay and want to keep playing the game. I also noticed the cutscenes to have this flashing special effect that I didn't like and kind of got annoying after a while. The overall story was decent but as this is a non spoiler review lets just keep it at it was a decent story.

Max Payne 3 is not your normal Rockstar game there is no free roaming like previous Rockstar games like GTA and Red Dead it is a linear game it should be noted to people who might be new to the Max Payne series and would like to know if this will be an open world game no its a totally linear game. Don't get me wrong its not a bad thing that the game is linear there are many great games that are linear/don't have open world free roaming.

OK so you have finished the game and you are hopefully satisfied with the main story and decide to keep the game you are thinking "What do I next?" The next part of the review will tell you what you can do once the main game is over this will include multilplayer modes and extra single player modes.

The main reason to come back to the game after you have finished is the multiplayer modes. The multiplayer modes include a pretty awesome Gang Wars mode were there is two gangs that face off in a 5 round war. The objectives for each round are all different they can be things like kill the leader of the opposite gang or plant a bomb. The different objectives keeps the mode fresh and not repetitive while its also fresh it is also very fun and was the mode I put the most hours into. Everyone should defiantly check out the Gang Wars after the single player mode. It doesn't stop there as there is also unlockable things (Using money you earn in muliplayer) these can be weapons, character skins and new abilities there is also online rankings and a ranking system with a 50 rank level cap. Multiplayer in Max Payne 3 is not something you just check out and not come back to its a major part of the game and
will leave you entertained for months.

To add to the stacked content of Max Payne 3 there is also Arcade Mode. This has two different options Score Attack and New York Minute. Both are kind of the same as you play through parts of the game with a score added to it. You increase your score by kills and by not taking any damage. The difference between the two is that in New York Minute there is a timer and you need to kill to increase the time.

The Final Verdict

Max Payne 3 managed to be another solid addition to the Max Payne series. The highest point of the game easily is the muliplayer and I am not even a big fan of online muliplayer and even I had a blast playing Gang Wars. The single player story is decent and is kind of short clocking in at around 10 hours. The amount of content in this game is unbelieaveable with the story mode, arcade modes, muliplayer, unlockables, rankings and others will keep you playing longer than the average game. Do I recommend Max Payne 3? 100% yes.

+ Content
+ Special Kills
+ Gang Wars/Multiplayer

- Long cutscenes can sometimes take you out of the game
- Kind of short story

Final Score


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Review

There has been many games that get called the ultimate sandbox game. After playing Minecraft I have to say this has to be one of the top ultimate sandbox games. In this review I will talk about why this IS a ultimate sandbox game, why you will have so much fun playing the game and why you should buy this right now!

To be honest I have never played Minecraft ever so the Xbox edition is my first time playing the game. I bought the game, downloaded it and I am now saying "what do I do?"and since I said that I pretty much did anything I could think of. As a first time player of Minecraft I found myself getting a little confused on what to do but when I got into the game I was having a lot of fun. One of the many things I liked about Minecraft was the use of resources that you have to get. You can get things like wood, dirt, stone and other things. These can be then used to make tools for example but that is one of many different things you can make.

What is also great is that you are given a randomly generated world at the start but in a few hours it will look nothing like any of your friends worlds. It does take time to get to that point were it looks different as you need to add more to your world but by doing that you need to get the resources. First you will need to get
your resources from trees, so you can get blocks of wood which you can turn into sticks and planks. After you have the sticks and planks you can start making tools which will help you get better resources which means you can make advanced things like ladders and stairs. There is many, many things waiting to be made.

I also liked the parts when it changes from day to night because when it goes dark the enemies of the game show up and you can choose to be brave and fight them which isn't a good idea at first because your character is very basic in what he can do so he will end up dying. This means you will drop all of your items at the place where  you died, so you will have to go find them and get them back. You can also be smart and make a building to hide out in until the sun rises so you don't have to cross these enemies. The enemies you can face at night can be the undead or spiders. It should also be noted to new players that this game isn't about doing quests or missions that are set for you to do, you make your missions which can be anything like build a huge castle or something small like make some new tools.

The Xbox edition of Minecraft also includes online mulitplayer which in my opinion a great addition to the game because of the amount of fun you are guaranteed to have with friends while playing Minecraft. Online can support up to 8 people while 4 people can play locally as the game also has a split screen for local multiplayer. Both of these are awesome and will end up making the game even better as you can use your creative minds together to make whatever you feel like.

The Final Verdict

This game will keep me and should keep anyone reading this review entertained for hours and hours. The single player mode is confusing at first but once you get the hang of it you will be hooked on this game. The price isn't your normal 1200 points arcade game its a little more this time as it will cost you 1600 points but in my opinion it is worth it because not only do you get this great single player game you can also have fun with friends locally or even on Xbox live with online friends there will also be updates adding more and more content to game which is always a plus that people can look forward to. The game isn't perfect as it has a few hicups here and there but I didn't come across anything really bad. Now you read the review you should defiantly look in to downloading this game check some videos and see if its your kind of game and if it is then download it for sure!

+Huge sandbox game with so many things to do and choose from
+The game at night is awesome

-Few bugs
-Missing things from PC version which could annoy people who wanted everything from the PC on to the Xbox edition


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mortal Kombat Vita Review

I played the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat last year. I loved it and I still actually play it to this very day. Mortal Kombat is and always will be my favourite fighting series of all time I have play and own all of them I can't describe how much I love Mortal Kombat. So lets see if Mortal Kombat on the Vita can hold up to the greatness of the original PS3 version.

In short, yes it does hold up to the greatness of the original while adding much more content to the already stacked content of the PS3 version. First I will talk about the features in the previous version. The story mode from the original returns on the Vita and it was even more fun then the first time round. Without spoiling anything if you have never played the new Mortal Kombat expect this story to have many of twists and turns and shock moments. The story mode for the game will take about 6-8 hours to complete which is actually very good for it being a fighting game and not a story game.

The classic ladder is always fun and I must have finished it around 15 times on every difficulty the easiest was very simple for me and if you are new to Mortal Kombat you should be fine with an even harder difficulty as the easiest is a piece of cake you might want to play it on the easiest just to check it out but you wont make a return to that difficulty. The hardest difficulty is a challenge the boss Shao Khan will make you want to rip your hair out on the hardest difficulty as he can be very cheap at times but its all about the challenge of the hard difficulty is what makes fighting game and MK fun.

Challenge tower makes it return but it comes with even more challenges exclusive to the Vita which incorporates the Vita's touchscreen feature. Some of the challenges added to the Vita version are like Test Your Slice and Balance. The Test Your Slice is similar to the fruit ninja game except with body parts and test your balance is were you have to move your Vita from side to side to keep the characters balance or else he falls into a deadly pit this is similar to the feature in Uncharted Golden Abyss. The challenge tower in the PS3 version was really fun and addicting and in the Vita version the new challenges are even more fun than the original tower challenges.

On the subject of Vita exclusives on the Vita you can also do fatalities using the touchscreen (Note you can still use the buttons to do fatalities) there is also some exclusive klassic costumes for certain characters. On top of all these exclusives you get the 4 DLC characters from the PS3 Mortal Kombat as well as Kratos. Other features that make a return is the krypt were you can unlock different things like concept art and other things. Finally you can do some training if you are new to Mortal Kombat using the training mode were you can practise special moves, combos and fatalities. There is also online for the Vita while I was online it was running nice and smooth with no problems.

The Final Verdict

Mortal Kombat on the Vita holds up well with the PS3 version. The extra things added like challenge tower missions and costumes is a nice bonus but it should be known that the graphics do take a major bump down as the character models are not one of the high points of this game. It was known though that it wouldn't hold a candle to the PS3 version graphics wise but gameplay, content and fun? it holds a candle to the PS3 and even surpasses it with the content and it could possibly even more fun than the PS3 version. This game has an amazing amount of content that will keep you busy for weeks and with online added it can keep you entertained for months. Do I recommend this game? Hell yeah I do. Go buy this now!

+ Amazing amount of content
+ Fun challenges
+ Good story

- Graphics are not the best