Friday, 23 November 2012

The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 5 No Time Left Review

This review contains MAJOR spoilers from previous episodes and plot details from Episode 5

So here we are after 7 long months of Walking Dead. The final episode of The Walking Dead, and it continues literally were episode 4 left off. Lee has been bitten by a walker and Clementine has been kidnapped by a mystery person. Who goes with you to find clementine? Well that depends on your play through you could have gone with everyone or you could have gone alone. As episode 5 progresses Lee is starting to feel the effects of the walker bite and he knows his time is limited. This leads us to the first of 5 choices in this episode and that is "Will you cut your arm off to possibly stop the Walker bite"

In Episode 5 we see some really shocking character changes in some of the characters. If you left Ben to die in the last episode you will miss out on a really shocking scene between Kenny and Ben were we see a totally different side to both of them. Episode 5 also contains easily the best moment out of all the episodes, and that is when Lee finally meets the mystery guy who kidnapped Clementine (Trust me the mystery guy is a big shock too) The scene has you two face to face and it is tense as hell. I won't say anything else as I don't want to spoil this awesome moment.

Remember those choices you made as far back as Episode 1? Those will defiantly alter the story in Episode but is it good or bad? You will have to see for yourself. I was really impressed that some of those long forgotten choices actually impacted EP5 I thought EP1 choices will just alter the next episodes and continue through each episode but to see any episodes choices make a difference was awesome to see. Episode 5 puzzles are pretty much no existent in this episode but the action is pretty heavy and conversations are pretty much the main feature of this episode and trust me some of these conversations/confrontations are epic. As an added bonus at the end of EP5 you actually get to see a summary of each character that was in your group from EP1-EP5 and it will give a summary of the choices you made that had an effect on them which was a really cool bonus.

The Final Verdict

The story in Episode 5 is fantastic. The ending is amazing and one of the saddest video game endings I have ever seen. The game altogether has been an amazing experience and is should be on many peoples Game Of The Year 2012 list (It's on mine for sure) I can't wait for the confirmed Season 2 of Walking Dead, and if the next season is as good as Season 1 then we will be looking at another amazing game. If you don't own this game.... GET THE GAME NOW!

+Amazing story
+Great conclusion and ending
+Choices really matter even as far back as Episode 1
+The best of Walking Dead is in this Episode

Final Score


Walking Dead episode 5 is the first ever video game to get a 10/10 on ThisGenGameReviews.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

It's November so that must mean it's Call Of Duty time again. It's Treyarch's Call Of Duty so you will be getting Zombies mode, and trust me Zombies in Black Ops 2 is awesome but all that and the campaign review will come later. Like my Halo 4 review I am going to review Black Ops 2's Multiplayer/online modes first because of how big online is to Call Of Duty. Let's see if Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 is worth a purchase or if it should be on your "Do not get" list.

When you get into the main online menu you will have a list of things to do. In the list you will see Public Match, League Play, Custom Games, Theatre, COD TV and Barracks. The first part of online I will talk about is the Public Match. In the Public Match menu you will get to choose from four different playlists and these are Core, Hardcore, Combat Training and Party Games. Core is just the normal COD you are used to, Hardcore has different gameplay variants like no HUD and Limited Health, Combat Training is so you can test your COD skills before you go online as their is no stats carried over from Combat Training and finally there is Party Games mode that has free for all games that are just for fun.

There are 12 different game modes that can be played in Black Ops 2's Multiplayer with old classics returning like Team Deathmatch and Domination as well as new game modes brought over from Modern Warfare 3 like Kill Confirmed. There have been some changes as well to some of the modes that I played. Domination now has a 2 round format which means there will be 2 games of Domination played in one game of Domination and everything that happens in the first round will be carried over to the 2nd round this includes Scorestreaks (Talk about this soon), kills and deaths.

Talking about changes to the game Killstreaks have now been changed to Scorestreaks. Scorestreaks can be earned for different kind of things like capturing a flag, getting a kill, confirming a kill, UAV assists and normal assists. You will notice a bar that you will need to fill up in order to receive each Scorestreak reward as each reward has a score requirement for example a UAV will require 350 points to be used. You are allowed up to 3 scorestreak rewards in your loadout. Some of the best rewards I managed to use in the game was Dragonfire and Lightning strike. Dragonfire lets you operate a remote controlled kind of helicopter that has a lightweight machine gun attached to it, and while using the Dragonfire I got quite a few kills with it (8 being the most)  Lighting Strike lets you call in bombs that can placed in 3 different places which got me 5 kills at the most. There is 22 Scorestreak rewards that can be used in Multiplayer and most of them will have to be unlocked by using unlock tokens that you get by leveling up.

After leveling up a few times you would want to start creating your own custom class which means you can choose many different things you want in your loadout, and this includes your primary and second primary gun, attachments to each gun, up to 3 perks, lethal and tactical weapons, personalize your knife and wildcards. Each loadout is limited to 10 different items so that means not every slot can be filled. Attachments are the different upgrades you can add to each gun so if you want to add things like laser sight or better bullets you can. All these different attachments will increase your guns stats like Fire Rate and Damage for example. Perks are also upgrades that have an effect on your own personal character this means you can add a perk so he doesn't get damage for falling or you can add a perk to earn Scorestreaks faster. Lethal and Tactical weapons are weapons like different grenades, a combat axe and a mine.

While on the subject of customizing there is the Barracks were you can edit your playercard, check your rank, change your clan tag and much more. The first thing you will see when selecting the barracks  is the option to edit your emblem. Each custom emblem is allowed 32 layers and there is a wide selection of items to choose from you can use different shapes, Black Ops 2's Ranks logo, letters and all can be customized with your own color. In the Barracks you can check your progress on the huge amount of challenges to do. Challenges can be things like getting a certain amount of kills with a certain gun or getting a number of headshots with a certain gun. While in the Barracks menu you will find a part which will tell you your own Black Ops 2 stats like how many kills you got, how many deaths you have had, your online level and your kill/death ratio.

In Black Ops 2 you're allowed to create your own custom game. Each custom game need to have map and game mode of your choosing but here is what makes it different you are allowed to choose the games rules so this means you can add what time and score limit you want, how teams are allowed and if the match is on Hardcore settings or not. You are also allowed to edit how many point certain things get so you can make it only 1 point per kill or 25 points per kill. There are tons of different options to choose from in the menu and will give you plenty of alternative ways to play your favorite game modes in multiplayer.

Now you have an idea what content you are going to be getting online I will talk about what Black Ops 2 online gaming is like. After playing a few games online I noticed a major problem with players spawning right behind me after being killed. It was near impossible to reach them in time and just about the time you noticed you was being shot by a spawned enemy you was dead. Now it wasn't like this all the time but it was becoming a common problem after a few more games to point were the enemy team was spawning in the same area as our team was spawning.

The maps in multiplayer were pretty well done some felt a little too small at times. One of my personal favorite maps in Black Ops 2 is Hijacked which takes place on a luxurious yacht that has a few different levels to go through. There are also many other maps that take place in different parts of the world like Panama, LA, China, Yemen, Singapore and Pakistan to name a few. There is a total of 14 maps in the game. Online gameplay was fun altogether and was very addictive so I couldn't put the controller down at times. It helped that Online didn't suffer from many connection problems so games felt smooth and didn't take you out of the game experience.

Now we got all that Mulitplayer out of the way I am going to talk about the zombies mode next. Zombies mode has 3 different game modes are they are Tranzit, Survival and Grief. Tranzit is the story mode of the whole zombies mode while survival is the classic survive as many rounds as you can until you die and a new addition this year is the grief mode which allows 8 people/2 teams going up against the zombies while the two teams aren't allowed to kill each other you can set traps and cause the other team grief which is were the name comes from, and don't forget only one team can survive this mode.

Zombies mode is still really fun like in the other games. You will come across more than your typical Zombies in this years Zombies mode. There will be enemies that can actually jump on to you and scratch your face until you need to be revived, and trust me these monsters can get real annoying fast. Going around in a bus trying to keep Zombies out was a really interesting and fun twist to the mode, and it won't be the only cool twists and changes you will find in Zombie which I am going to let you find yourself. You can also create Zombies highlight using theater and also make your own custom Zombies mode with your own person twists like headshots being the only way to kill Zombies.

Then there is the campaign mode to go through as well. Before each mission you will start at a mission briefing menu were you can customize you loadout similar to the online ones I mentioned earlier in the review. You can also check your career record and your main objective for each mission in the mission brief menu. Unlike past Call Of Duty campaign this campaign will have actual replay value (Except from completing on harder difficulties I guess) as the story is branching and will require multiple playthroughs if you want to see the different paths you can take in the game. I can't go in to much detail about the campaign due to spoilers but I will say it was fun to playthrough, and with COD being a big multiplayer game I hope campaign gets a little noticeable this year. I completed the campaign in about 6 hours which is kind of short but the multiple pathways in the campaign will up the total time spent in campaign.

The Final Verdict

Black Ops 2 surprised me to be honest. I didn't think it was going to be this much fun. I really liked the online and I liked how killstreaks have changed to scorestreaks as well as the awesome scorestreak rewards you can use in the game. I didn't have many problems but the spawning is pretty bad and needs to be fixed if it can because it was getting ridiculous at one point of the game. Zombies is still awesome, and should entertain you for hours like in the past COD games. Campaign was the big surprise as I wasn't a fan of the other campaigns in COD games but this one was pretty good. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a 100% buy.

+ Online is fun and addictive
+ Lots of customizing
+ Zombies mode is awesome

- Enemy team spawning behind players

Final Score


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Halo 4 Review

I will be honest I haven't played a Halo game before Halo 4. Sounds crazy doesn't it? And I will say I made a huge mistake missing out on some high quality games in the past but I wasn't going to make the same mistake with Halo 4, and I thought the first ever Halo game I played was awesome. Why did I think it was awesome? Well continue reading and you will get to read why I thought this game was awesome.

For the first time ever in one of my reviews I actually will talk about the Online modes first because of how important Online was to me in Halo 4. There is so much to do in Halo 4's Online modes. When you first load up Online in Halo 4 you will be given the option to customize your character which we will talk a lot more about later in the review. The main menu of Halo 4's Online offers you 4 different options either War Games, Spartan Ops, Forge and Theater.

War Games is first thing you should see on your Online menu, and is the first Online game mode I will be talking about in this Review. War Games is Halo 4's competitive multiplayer which includes many, many different game modes. These game modes range from Infinity Slayer which can be a 4 vs 4 or a 8 vs 8 game, and the main objective of Infinity Slayer is to simply kill people from the other team so you can earn points, and try to be the top of the score table. Other Online game modes you will see in the game include Capture The Flag, King Of The Hill and other game modes. Altogether Halo 4 has 9 different Online modes for you to play competitively which should make Online fresh and not repetitive.

Halo 4 also has an (Optional) Online mode called Spartan Ops which can be played with up to 4 people. Spartan Ops is a side story split into 5 episodes that each have 5 chapters. Each chapter will have about 3 different objectives to do and can last around 15 minutes per chapter. Before each episode a new video will play to add to the story and connect each episode together. If you are playing Halo 4 at the time I am writing this review (November 6th) you will only have one episode to play that is because there will be new episodes unlocked free of charge on different dates which will give you even more reason to come to Halo 4.

There is also a mode that allows you to make your own custom Multiplayer games called Forge. In the Forge you will have 3 different options to choose from to create your own Halo 4 map, and they the actual game type like Infinity Slayer or King Of The Hill for example, the next option is which map you want the game to take place so you can choose from the 13 maps already in the game and finally you will have to choose the custom games options. There is lots of different options to choose from like how will it take to re spawn, edit Shield Resistance, edit health, edit how much damage weapons do and lots of other different things to make your own custom map. Once the map is done you will have the option to save it if you liked it and keep it for another game.

Customization is a big part of Halo 4's online along with having the ability to customize your own maps you can customize different things about your online character like the characters different pieces of armor for each body part, the color of his Armor, what weapon load outs they have and the characters gender. This is all done in what is called the "Spartans Hub" along with character customization you can also customize your own I.D that you will be using online this includes your emblem that ranges from the Legend of Zelda Triforce to a selection of animals like Lions. Emblems can also be customized with backgrounds and color changes.

Halo 4 gives you the option to create 5 custom load outs. Each load out has 6 slots, and these are Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Grenade, Armor Ability, Tactical Package and Support Upgrade. One loadout that I loved using as my Armor Ability was the Jet pack which was fun as hell to use online, and it also got me out of some near death shootouts. Along with customizing you will also find in you Spartan Hub a section about your online career. This part of the Hub will tell you different online stats, game time, how your doing in challenges and some other things too. There is also a Halo 4 theater were you can watch your greatest moments online and upload them as well.

On top of all this Online/Spartan Ops to dig in to there is also a 8 chapter campaign to play through. I did enjoy the campaign but I did find the campaign to be pretty short with me finishing it in just under 5 hours. Don't let that 5 hours put you off at all there is still so much to do in the campaign like playing it a harder level for a bigger challenge and finding the terminals in the campaign. The A.I was really smart in the game, and was that good I had to start the game on Easy but as I got used to it more I finally managed to do well on Normal. If you're new to Halo starting the campaign on Heroic is not a good idea as I just kept dying at first. Graphically the game looks amazing during gameplay and during one of the first cut scenes in the campaign I legitimately thought it was a real person. Along with great graphics you have some very well done sounds, and that includes everything like voice overs, soundtrack and other sound effects sound really well done.

The Final Verdict

Halo 4 to put it short is amazing. I am not really big on Online Multiplayer but Halo 4's online made me think otherwise. Online was fun to play and was really addictive and hard to put the controller down even during writing this review I just want to play the game more. On top of the awesome Online modes you have tons of content to play through and future Spartan OP's episodes to look forward too. With all this and tons of other positives I think Halo 4 might be the GOTY for 2012. If you own an Xbox 360 GET THIS GAME NOW!

+ Online is fun and addictive
+ Graphics look awesome
+ Great gameplay
+ Lots of customzing and content

- Campaign could have been a bit longer but still the story was great

Final Score


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Assassin's Creed III Review

Assassins Creed III continues and concludes the story of Desmond Miles who is still trying to stop the 2012 Apocalypse from happening. Assassins Creed III also introduces us to the new character Connor Kenway who you will be playing most of the game as. Connor is an assassin and his story takes place during the American Revolution. Assassins Creed games are one of my favorite series this gen, and I liked most of the games that have come from this series so let's see if Assassins Creed 3 is another solid entry to the series.

For the first time in a Assassins Creed game you will actually play as two new characters in the Animus. At the start of the game you play as Connor's dad which will give the player a backstory to Connor's main story. For the first time as well you will play actual missions as Desmond. In other Assassins Creed games most of the time you just walked around as Desmond so it was cool to finally play missions as Desmond in AC3.

Story missions are pretty much the same as past Assassin Creed games were you have to find out information before going after the target you have to assassinate. The missions for those of you who are unfamiliar to AC games are eavesdropping on a conversation but there is a ring where you have to be inside so you can actually hear the conversation and there are also missions were you have to tail a certain target. Along with the old Assassins Creed missions there are some new missions like being able to take control of warships and actually battle other ships. You will also come across some historical missions like taking part in the Boston Tea Party were you throw the tea into the sea.

Don't want to rush through the story? Well Assassins Creed 3 is a free roaming game so it's up to you what you want to do. You can do some of the many new additions to the game like hunting animals which rewards you with different parts of the animal so you can sell these animal parts for money. Hunting sometimes might not even be something you was planning to do as you can be attacked by an animal like a Bear or a Wolf randomly.Fights with these kind of animals will prompt a QTE to kill the animal you are fighting/trying to get away from.

Other things you can do in Assassins Creed 3 is search for treasure chests or Almanac pages. Almanac pages can be tricky to get as they don't just stay on the ground waiting for you to come pick it up the pages they actually get taken away by the wind so you have to run around and climb buildings to get these pages. There are also quite a few side missions to complete when ever you want. These side missions are not all the same and range from all kind of things like contracts, hunting challenges for the hunting society, attack and defend convoys and there are also Naval missions. So once you complete the game or if you just want to take a break from the main game there is a nice selection of other things to do to keep you busy.

Gameplay feels similar to past game with a little bit of changes on the side. If you are unfamiliar with the gameplay there are two buttons used to break the defense of the enemy and also counter his strikes (B and X and Circle and Square) the other buttons are to use weapons and the triangle and Y button can be used
to shoot your guns. There is a nice selection of weapons to choose from like old classics like the hidden blade, your own fists and a sword but there also some new weapons in your inventory for AC3 as you can now use a Bow And Arrow, Tomahawk and the Rope Dart. The Rope Dart was pretty fun to use as you can actually use it to hang your enemies. The climbing feels the same but there is a few additions to the climbing gameplay as you can actually climb trees and run through peoples windows for the quick escape from pursuing enemies.

I also loved that Assassins Creed 3 has new scenery. It was starting to become boring seeing the same old buildings and features of Italy (Although they looked stunning in HD) it just became tiresome. So with new scenery also comes a variety of weather like rain, sunny and even snow! Weather like Snow and Rain wasn't featured  in past AC games so it's cool to see it finally added to the series. Forrest's looks awesome with the hundreds of trees that you can climb up or jump from tree to tree as you look into the distance you can see a variety of different animals just walking around the Forrest. The change of scenery was defiantly a good and welcome one. Character audio sounds good, and I couldn't really say anything bad about them. Soundtrack is also your typical awesome Ac soundtrack.

Multiplayer also returns to Assassins Creed as you can take part in a bunch of different game modes. These game modes can be Free-For-Alls like Deathmatch, Wanted and Assassinate or Team Modes like Domintion, Manhunt and Artifact Assault. The new mode added to AC Multiplayer is the Wolfpack mode. Wolfpack mode is a similar to Gears Of War's horde mode were you have to work in a team to beat the waves of enemies (There are 25 waves in Wolfpack) AC3 online multiplayer is still the same old fun online mode that was in the previous games and should give you a good reason to return once the revolution is over.

The Final Verdict

Assassins Creed 3 was another good but flawed addition to the Assassins Creed series although the game is still haunted by some bad bugs (Some can be gamebreaking) Assassins Creed 3 still managed to entertain me with it's amount of content and things to do as well as the nice twist to game that you play as 2 new and different people for the first time ever in a Assassins Creed game. If this was the final Assassins Creed game (I doubt it to be honest) it certainly left a final good taste in my mouth.

+Lots of content
+Cool additions like Naval missions and hunting
+Scenery is a welcome change

-Lots of bugs in the game
-Gameplay can feel repetitive at times
-Weak ending

Final Score