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Mass Effect 3 Review

This review will contain minor spoilers

After playing both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 which are both great games the expectations for number 3 was very high. Did Bioware meet my high expectations? To put it short yes they did. The story is great, the characters are great and the gameplay is great. There is nothing else i can really say? Wait there is much more to say as that is just the tip of the greatness of Mass Effect 3.

One of the best things to come out from the Mass Effect series has to be the choices matter feature in all 3 games. Remember some of those things that you did in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2? Well in Mass Effect 3 those choices will effect your game in many different ways, two people who imported their ME1/ME2 saves probably will have an entirely different Mass Effect 3 experience just from making different choices in them games. For example who survived the Mass Effect 2 suicide mission? Did Thane die? Well he won't be in Mass Effect 3 and that is just one of the many differences that can take place in the game. There are other different perks from importing a character from the past game as the level your Shepard was on in ME2 will carry over into ME3 so non of that back to Level 1 all over again.

New to the Mass Effect series? Well i do recommend you play the first and second game first just for the reasons that they are both great games alone but you should also play to see if Mass Effect is your type of game and also you can use the awesome import feature to expand your storyline. Don't want to wait to play Mass Effect 3? Newcomers will have their choices automatically chosen for them (The automatic settings means all squad members do survive) Then when you get to starting up the game you can choose how you want to play it, are you someone who likes more story than combat? Or likes more combat than story? Well Mass Effect 3 lets you choose the settings which are Action Mode(Normal combat difficultly and automatic replies),Story Mode(Easy combat and Manual replies)and RPG Mode. With RPG Mode being a combination of both Story and Action. Bioware makes the game playable to all types of gamers i personally chose RPG because i like both story and action in my Mass Effect games.

Here is a little Xbox exclusive because I even tried out the Kinect features for the game! I must say they were great the voice commands were very accurate i only had to repeat myself once so far. The voice commands can range from many things like choosing which dialogue to choose when talking to someone to telling squad members to move/attack/follow and also to tell them to use one of there special powers. I wouldn't go buy a Kinect just for this but i say if you have one lying around plug it back in and expand the Mass Effect 3 Experience. One final exclusive is there is 2 discs that need to be changed about 5 times during the game which can be annoying but nothing THAT bad.

Now i have talked about the main features of the game it's time to talk about the actual gameplay. The gameplay will feel familiar if you played any of the other Mass Effect's which is a good thing because the gameplay in the other games are great. A nice addition to the gameplay is the heavy melee attacks which you can do by holding the B button and I really like the weapon upgrades that you can add to your guns. You can add many things to your guns in Mass Effect 3 like scopes, stocks, ammo capacity, barrel modifications and grips.There is also new powers added to Mass Effect 3 just name a few, there is Carnage, Cluster Grenade, Decoy and Proximity Mines and that is just a few of many new powers as well as classic powers from Mass Effect 2 returning.

One question that gets asked with gameplay "Is there any bugs/glitches you have come across" i came across a few minor ones like one of the characters audio not working but came back after finishing the sentence and one major problem when the game froze but don't worry it happened only once. To say i am on  15 hours and counting on Mass Effect 3 and came across this little amount glitches shows that its not bad at all.

The story to anyone new to Mass Effect is the conclusion of Shepard's story were you need to bring the galaxy together as allies to take back Earth and defeat the Reaper's invasion.Without spoiling anything the storytelling is amazing and you start to feel you know these characters in real life which shows how good Bioware wrote the characters storyline. Like i said this review is non spoiler so i can't go into much detail but i can say that there is multiple endings and these endings do depend on certain things that happens in your own game. The main game can take up to 10 hours to complete but if you like to do everything there is plenty of replay value and you could be going past 20 hours+ and with the addition of the new game plus you can get right back into the action with everything you had in you previous Mass Effect 3 game (Levels and other upgrades)

I tried multiplayer and its not my thing but I thought it was pretty good I won't go back to it but people who love multiplayer will be happy to know that its good and to people who hate multiplayer

The Final Verdict

Mass Effect 3 is a great game and i recommend everyone to go buy it now because you are missing out on a great game there is nothing really that bad i can say about the game expect a few hiccups here
and there. I heard there is DLC coming so keep hold of that game once you buy it and continue your Mass Effect 3 experience.

+Great Story
+Great Gameplay
+Lots Of Replay Value

Final Score


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