Wednesday, 18 April 2012

House Of The Dead 4 Review

House Of The Dead 4 finally gets a console release after 7 long years. We got House Of The Dead 3 a few months back which was a very fun game and with the added Move support made you feel you was playing it on an arcade. Now its time for number 4 but lets see if it is still any good after 7 years.

House Of The Dead 4 adds many new features compared to the previous game like added grenades to kill a large amounts of zombies and can even be used to damage bosses health. Another new feature is interactive moments in the game like when a zombie grabs you you will have to shake the controller to get away from the zombie and it is also used for other things like boss battles and getting through obstacles like locked doors.

The graphics are in HD unlike HOTD 3 although its not the best looking HD graphics they are still good to say its a 7 year old game. There is many options to choose from at the start you can choose what chapter you would like to play (After completing the main game of course) how many lifes and credits you want (The limit is 9)  color of blood and also has an array of difficulties to choose from like very easy all the way to the unlockable very hard. Something that shocked me was that included in this was HOTD 4 Special! Which only had a limited release in arcades so this being included was an awesome decision as I never got to play it and it also adds more time into playing this game.

The main game isn't long it has 6 chapters which will take about about an hour to beat but it has many reasons to play again as there is different routes you can take during the game so you can go the opposite direction in a new playthrough you can also play on a harder difficulty which will be unlocked when you beat the game there is also 4 endings to get as well. You also unlock the HOTD Special when you beat the game which is 2 chapters and adds about an additional 20 minutes of gameplay this again has multiple endings to get. So if you want to do everything it will take about 5 to 6 hours.

There is also online rankings mode to play that will upload your score online so you can see how you compare to the rest of the players. Offline multiplayer is great and is very fun to play with a friend as it is like you are in the arcade and its just really fun so if you have a friend to play the game with you will have a blast
playing this. HOTD 4 is NOT Move required if you are wondering it can be played with a PS3 controller and a Move controller. The Move controls expand the Arcade experience and makes you feel like your in the arcades especially if you have the gun expansion for the Move. The Move controls are responsive and accurate I had no problems with it and is nothing but a plus.

The Final Verdict

House Of The Dead 4 can be summed up in one word FUN! And only costs $10/£7 (Playstation Plus: $7/£4) its not much at all for a hours of fun with friends and even
by yourself. If you love shooting zombies and playing fun games make sure you buy this.

+ Fun gameplay
+ House Of The Dead Special included
+ Multiple endings/Unlockables/Rankings/Difficulties keep you coming back for more

- Main game is short
- Graphics not the best
- Sounds/voice acting


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