Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD Review

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 & 2 was in my opinion two of the best games on the PS1 ever. The original games were so fun to play back then (Now 12 years ago!) and they are still fun to play today. When it was announced we will be getting a HD remake of the two games I was extremely happy to hear the news and I have been looking forward to playing it. Lets see if the remake can hold up to the originals.

THPSHD gives us 7 classic levels from both Pro Skater 1 & 2 (Three levels from 1 and four levels from 2) Here is the full list of the levels that are featured in the game

School II
The Hangar
Venice Beach
Downhill Jam

My favourites from the list are School II and Warehouse, I loved them in the original and they managed to hold up well in the new HD remake. There might be people reading this review who never played these games before so I will give you a rundown on what you have to do in the game. Like I said before there is 7 levels in the game and in each level there is certain tasks you have to complete to unlock the next level these tasks can be your normal skate tasks like performing tricks on a certain part of the level or doing enough tricks to get the High, Pro and Sick score. 

There is also tasks were you have to collect all the items in the level these can be different things like video games in the mall level. The tasks in the game are extremely fun to do and with a 2 minute timer to do the tasks you will be playing each level many times but things might get frustrating if you like to get the sick score. Two other classic tasks return which are S-K-A-T-E where you have to find each letter of the word skate and finding the secret DVD which has replaced
finding the secret video.

New to the game is the addition of online multiplayer which includes two classic multiplayer modes from the originals called Graffiti and Trick Attack also added is a brand new mode called Big Head Elimination. In Big Head Elimination you are against 4 people and your head is getting bigger and bigger the only way to deflate it is by scoring points but if you are not making enough points your head will explode and you are out of the match. Multiplayer has been very fun so far and had been running very smooth not had any problems with it
and like I said it is very fun.

While there is a lot of fun and good parts of the game there is sadly some bad parts and some big things not included in the HD remake. It was cool that they managed to get about half of  the music from the originals in the remake there is still many songs missing from the original soundtrack, only 7 levels made the cut, no offline multiplayer, no park creator, no create a skater (Although you can play as your avatar), missing skaters and no HORSE in online multiplayer.

It would have been awesome if they could have added these things to the game as some of them are very well liked by many people who played the originals and I hope they could possibly consider adding some of the missing content via DLC. One of bad thing that is not missing content is some bugs I had some were really annoying because there is a 2 minute counter and I am trying to get the sick score and I get stuck into a wall or the camera is stuck facing the wall making it impossible to see the skater these were some of the annoying bugs found in the game.

The Final Verdict

THPSHD left me wanting more and I was happy to hear that DLC IS coming and it is rumoured if both the DLC and the game sells well more packs will be made that might give us the things that we so badly wanted. The game overall is very, very fun and I keep coming back for more whether its offline or online. The loss of a lot of content did bring it down for me quite a bit and some of the bugs really affect the gameplay because it supposed to be fast gameplay which can be ruined when you get stuck into a piece of the levels environment still this is a good game that I recommend you buy because it is fun and will make you want to come back. 

+Levels are remade perfect

-Lots of things missing
-Some bad bugs in the game

Final Score


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