Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Review

This review contains some minor early spoilers/plot details

Finally! Some post Mass Effect 3 single player DLC. I have been wanting single player DLC for this game since I finished it back in March. Mass Effect DLC's are some of my favourites DLC's of all time. In short the DLC was great, and it managed to keep the same quality of past Mass Effect DLC's. Let's see how the DLC managed to be that good.

The DLC starts off with an Email asking Shepard to meet with him at the citadel and some things happen (No spoilers!) that cause Shepard to find evidence to where to go next. The first part of the DLC reminds me of how the Lair Of The Shadow Broker DLC started. You can actually leave with having 5 possible locations to go to, but if you do that you don't get a nice Achievement/Trophy for finding the exact location of the Leviathan. I actually found this part good some may find it boring because of the lack of action or dialogue, but I liked doing some detective work to find where to go.

The next part of the game is actually going to the place you have found. Except for a little bit on arrival and end there is no action again in this part of the DLC, but that isn't a negative at all I liked how they have paced the action/adventuring in the DLC so far. You don't go into big battles straight away it builds up very well in the DLC. Don't worry action fans there is plenty of action in this DLC as well and even in this part of the DLC were action is kind of rare there is an objective were you have to  open a locked door and tons of different kinds of enemies come at you trying to stop you fixing that door (Saw about 3 Banshees attacking me) lots of fun twists and turns to look forward to as well in this part.

Now because this is a non spoiler review I am not going to go in to more detail with the rest of the story, but I can talk a little about what to expect. You can expect even more action/adventuring being paced well, some interesting scenery (Going underwater for example), more story twists and turns and some epic battles.

The Final Verdict

The new Mass Effect 3 DLC will probably take you around 3 hours to complete and will cost you 800 Microsoft points, which is a very good deal in my opinion. For that 800 points you get a 3-4 hour epic Mass Effect story, and it could possibly be the best Mass Effect DLC that has been made. If you own Mass Effect 3 still go and dust that copy off and buy this DLC you shouldn't be disappointed. Hopefully we get more single player DLC of this quality.

+Good story
+I like the way the Action/Adventuring has been paced
+Get your moneys worth


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