Friday, 23 November 2012

The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 5 No Time Left Review

This review contains MAJOR spoilers from previous episodes and plot details from Episode 5

So here we are after 7 long months of Walking Dead. The final episode of The Walking Dead, and it continues literally were episode 4 left off. Lee has been bitten by a walker and Clementine has been kidnapped by a mystery person. Who goes with you to find clementine? Well that depends on your play through you could have gone with everyone or you could have gone alone. As episode 5 progresses Lee is starting to feel the effects of the walker bite and he knows his time is limited. This leads us to the first of 5 choices in this episode and that is "Will you cut your arm off to possibly stop the Walker bite"

In Episode 5 we see some really shocking character changes in some of the characters. If you left Ben to die in the last episode you will miss out on a really shocking scene between Kenny and Ben were we see a totally different side to both of them. Episode 5 also contains easily the best moment out of all the episodes, and that is when Lee finally meets the mystery guy who kidnapped Clementine (Trust me the mystery guy is a big shock too) The scene has you two face to face and it is tense as hell. I won't say anything else as I don't want to spoil this awesome moment.

Remember those choices you made as far back as Episode 1? Those will defiantly alter the story in Episode but is it good or bad? You will have to see for yourself. I was really impressed that some of those long forgotten choices actually impacted EP5 I thought EP1 choices will just alter the next episodes and continue through each episode but to see any episodes choices make a difference was awesome to see. Episode 5 puzzles are pretty much no existent in this episode but the action is pretty heavy and conversations are pretty much the main feature of this episode and trust me some of these conversations/confrontations are epic. As an added bonus at the end of EP5 you actually get to see a summary of each character that was in your group from EP1-EP5 and it will give a summary of the choices you made that had an effect on them which was a really cool bonus.

The Final Verdict

The story in Episode 5 is fantastic. The ending is amazing and one of the saddest video game endings I have ever seen. The game altogether has been an amazing experience and is should be on many peoples Game Of The Year 2012 list (It's on mine for sure) I can't wait for the confirmed Season 2 of Walking Dead, and if the next season is as good as Season 1 then we will be looking at another amazing game. If you don't own this game.... GET THE GAME NOW!

+Amazing story
+Great conclusion and ending
+Choices really matter even as far back as Episode 1
+The best of Walking Dead is in this Episode

Final Score


Walking Dead episode 5 is the first ever video game to get a 10/10 on ThisGenGameReviews.

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