Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 3: Long Road Ahead Review

Episode 3 carries straight on from episode two (A day after the events at the farm) you start the episode of walking around a street with Kenny who will talk to you about some of your choices in the last episodes before you come across the first choice in the game, which is either shooting this bitten woman to stop her from turning into a walker, but this will cause walkers to come after you or you can choose to walk away and leave her to become a walker, which will stop the walkers from attacking you. That choice is the first of 5 choices you will come across in the game. Without spoiling there is one choice to make in the game that I think is the the hardest choice to make out of all 3 episodes.

In episode 3 of The Walking Dead you find out that the walkers are not the biggest threat to the groups survival. The biggest threat to your survival is people turning against you or people from other groups attacking you to get supplies. This one thing can be said about The Walking Dead EP3, and that is TRUST NO ONE! The game will have you thinking that one person is wrong, but you didn't have all the details about the situation at the time, and later in the game you will find that maybe this person you thought was wrong was actually right in the end.

In my episode 2 review I talked about the lack of action (Not a bad thing) in the episode, as it seemed to take more of an adventure and building relationships route. Episode 3 easily has the most action out of all the episodes, as you will have to fight off many walkers and even people. Just because this episode has more action doesn't mean it lacks in story/adventure/building relationships. You can expect shocking twists and turns in the story, some really sad moments and also meet new people and build new relationships while increasing others.

The Final Verdict 

What did episode 3 bring to the table to make it so good? It managed to tell an even better story than the last two episodes, had good amounts of action in the game and the game made you have to go though with one of the toughest choices in the whole series so far. The voice acting in the game is still some of the best I have ever heard. The voice acting sounds very realistic and sounds what it should sound like when in these different situations. Although there is some noticeable glitches in the game, this episode ended up being the best episode of the series so far. I can't wait for episode 4 to come and hopefully be an even better episode than episode 3 was.

+Very good story
+Tough choices
+Awesome voice acting

-Noticable glitches

Final score


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Review

This review contains some minor early spoilers/plot details

Finally! Some post Mass Effect 3 single player DLC. I have been wanting single player DLC for this game since I finished it back in March. Mass Effect DLC's are some of my favourites DLC's of all time. In short the DLC was great, and it managed to keep the same quality of past Mass Effect DLC's. Let's see how the DLC managed to be that good.

The DLC starts off with an Email asking Shepard to meet with him at the citadel and some things happen (No spoilers!) that cause Shepard to find evidence to where to go next. The first part of the DLC reminds me of how the Lair Of The Shadow Broker DLC started. You can actually leave with having 5 possible locations to go to, but if you do that you don't get a nice Achievement/Trophy for finding the exact location of the Leviathan. I actually found this part good some may find it boring because of the lack of action or dialogue, but I liked doing some detective work to find where to go.

The next part of the game is actually going to the place you have found. Except for a little bit on arrival and end there is no action again in this part of the DLC, but that isn't a negative at all I liked how they have paced the action/adventuring in the DLC so far. You don't go into big battles straight away it builds up very well in the DLC. Don't worry action fans there is plenty of action in this DLC as well and even in this part of the DLC were action is kind of rare there is an objective were you have to  open a locked door and tons of different kinds of enemies come at you trying to stop you fixing that door (Saw about 3 Banshees attacking me) lots of fun twists and turns to look forward to as well in this part.

Now because this is a non spoiler review I am not going to go in to more detail with the rest of the story, but I can talk a little about what to expect. You can expect even more action/adventuring being paced well, some interesting scenery (Going underwater for example), more story twists and turns and some epic battles.

The Final Verdict

The new Mass Effect 3 DLC will probably take you around 3 hours to complete and will cost you 800 Microsoft points, which is a very good deal in my opinion. For that 800 points you get a 3-4 hour epic Mass Effect story, and it could possibly be the best Mass Effect DLC that has been made. If you own Mass Effect 3 still go and dust that copy off and buy this DLC you shouldn't be disappointed. Hopefully we get more single player DLC of this quality.

+Good story
+I like the way the Action/Adventuring has been paced
+Get your moneys worth


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Madden NFL 13 Review

One of the major improvements we get this year in Madden is a brand new physics engine. Gone are the days of the canned animations for tackles and in its place is a much better physics engine.The new physics in the game help to make tackles look different, and instead of seeing the same few recycled animations over and over again it makes you belive you're actually watching a real live football game. Although the physics are good, and are much better than canned animations it can lead to some weird moments in the game like during a pile-up some of the players can and probaly will trip over each other, and the player will just fall to the ground like they are dead. Moments like I mentioned with the physics engine can really take away from the realism of the game, and causes moments that will make you laugh, which isn't really a good thing for a Football sim. Putting those moments aside you do have a pretty solid physics engine that does need some tweaks next year to make it even better.

Madden NFL 13's TV presentation shouldn't go unnoticed, as it is amazingly realistic, and also manages to capture everything we see on TV during a football game. When you start a game you will get real life tv intros and also a word from the brand new commentators (Jim Nantz and Phil Simm) in the booth. While I am on the subject of the new commentators let me just say the new commentary is much better than last years. Madden 13's commentary feels realistic it doesn't feel like they are just reading some lines from a script. Although a step up from last year there is still many improvements that can be made to the commentary for next year. Another nice feature added this year is now quarterbacks have their voices in the game this year. The voices are ripped from actual game footage as well, and really does improve that TV presentation that they were looking for this year.

The brand new mode this is called connected carrers, which is a combination of both superstar and franchise mode. In this mode you can choose to be a player or a coach.You can at any time retire a player/coach and pick a new one and even choose legendary players/coaches as well as creating your own player/coach! Added to this mode is a in game twitter feed that will generate some fake tweets with NFL headlines to add even more realism to the game. I gave both player and coach a try, and I like being a coach better with the main reason being you have a lot of control and I like having control in Madden, but don't let that make you think that being a player isn't as good because being a player had its own features that I liked that you couldn't do as a coach. Connected carrers not only allows offline play it has an online feature to so you can even play connected carrers with your friends.I enjoyed connected carrers and I look forward to see what they can do to improve it next year.

Gameplay is still pretty similar to the past Madden's with nothing really major to comment on. The soundtrack like in past Madden's is gone and in its place is an original score, and on the subject of sound the crowd sounds pretty awesome and reacts very well to the game I am playing so when I am close to the touchdown they react like any crowd would in a real game. Crowds also react to many different parts of the game, and it sounds/comes off very well as well as realistic. Not only has the "soundtrack" been revamped but Madden 13 gives us a brand new menu that is very easy to use and find things. Madden 13 was reviewed on the Xbox 360 and I have a Kinect so I tried out the Kinect features and they responded very well I didn't have to shout very loud or repeat things. If you are unaware of the Kinect features here is what Kinect will bring with Madden 13, Voice commanded menus, calling audibles and call time outs. The Kinect features aren't something you are going to rush out and buy a Kinect for, but if you own a Kinect already they are pretty nice features.

The Final Verdict

Madden NFL 13 in my opinion is similar to other Madden games, but it still managed to entertian me for hours with its brand new connected carrers mode, impressed me with its awesome, realistic TV presentation and created some awesome moments with it's brand new physics engine, but there is one question on everyone's mind who is reading this "Is Madden 13 worth playing?" the answer to that question is "Yes!"

+Very realstic presentation
+/- A solid physics engine with some noticeable hicups
+/- Improved commentary that needs some tweaks next year
- Still feels similar to past Madden games

Final score


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sleeping Dogs Review

Sleeping Dogs was one of the biggest surprises for me in 2012 I knew very little of this game and after playing for around 20 hours it has become one of my favourites of 2012 so far. Now I am going to tell you how this kind of unknown game to me became one of my hits of 2012.


The game features a surprisingly interesting story about the undercover cop Wei Shen who has left the United States to come home to Hong Kong to try and stop the crimes in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong he will meet some old friends and also old enemies. While playing the story you can earn experience points in three different ways these are face, cop and triad. You have to do different things to earn points in these three areas like keeping city damage low to earn cop points, brutal kills to earn triad points and completing side missions to get face points. These points aren't some worthless addition to the game these points can earn you special abilities in all different areas.

Some of the missions you may be familiar with if you have played many open world games like killing a certain person, delivering something, car chases, shootouts and others. You might also be happy to  know that each mission is re playable.


The gameplay of Sleeping Dogs is easily one of the high points of the game it features simple yet fun gameplay. The combat controls use one button for attacks, one button for dodging and one button for grabbing and that's all you really need to know it is extremely simple to pick up and play this game which is always a plus for me and other people who just want to get straight into the game. One of the great things added to the combat is the environmental grapples these can range from throwing someone into a dumpster to throwing people into fans. There are many different grapples that you can do in the game. The grapples are a very fun feature added to the combat as it makes fights against enemies fresh so instead of punching someone until they die you can throw them in a dumpster to finish them off.

Shooting gameplay is also something very similar to other games as it uses the press L1/LB button to aim and the R1/RB button to shoot. There is also many different guns you can obtain and use in the game. Driving gameplay is also very easy to master in minutes and it again is simple yet works very well in the game. Some cool  things I noticed while driving is the ability to dive out of the car and on to another one and enter that vehicle also when in car shoot outs you get a effect similar to the recently released Max Payne 3 which again is a pretty cool addition to the game.


Once you start up the game you are handcuffed and have to play through some missions first which is pretty much the tutorial for this game but once those missions are done you can go around the city and do whatever you want. If you don't fancy playing through the main game here is some things to do, you can do side missions that will increase your face experience these side missions which are also known as favour's can be found around the city and range from chases to deliveries.

You can also play poker, bet on cockfights and even sing karaoke. If you was wondering if you can get into big police chases and go on a shooting rampage well you will be happy to know that you can go on these rampages as the game has its own police notoriety system also known as the "Heat" system the more crimes you do the higher the heat will go it ranges from 1-5 at 1 heat the cops put little effort in to arrest you and only use melee combat but once it goes to 2 the guns will start to come out and by heat 5 you will have advanced cops attack you that come in heavy armored cars and use machine guns.

Another feature in the game is the records that will pop up on the lower right of the screen while doing something this can be things like having a kill streak, how long you have been chases by cops, how long you have gone without crashing the car and other different ones these will keep updating everytime you begin a record attempt. The game also features the ability to buy clothes (Certain clothes has certain rewards) and also buy cars that range from slow cheap cars to fast sport cars that don't come cheap at all.

There was also some problems I had with the game the first problem that came to my mind while playing was not having a button to jump it got really annoying when sometimes I would get stuck in areas and would easily be able to get out if a jump button was added to the game. The graphics while not horrible they wasn't some of the best graphics we have seen in this generation.

The Final Verdict 

Sleeping Dogs like I said in the beginning of the review is so far the biggest surprise of 2012 for me it managed to be a fun game that will also last you 20-30 hours depending on how much you do in the game. It was also nice to have brand new scenery in a open world game there has been many that have a similar look but this because it takes place in Hong Kong feels fresh and new.

The story for me was the best part of the game because it shocked me how much I ended up liking it I thought I would be shooting cops and messing around most of the time but I just wanted to keep playing the story instead. I hope this isn't the first and last time we have a Sleeping Dogs game because I would 100% buy a Sleeping Dogs 2.

+ Great story
+ Fun combat
+ Environmental Grapples
+ Wide range of open world features

- Graphics
- No jump button
- Camera angles

Final Score