Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fifa Street Review

I am a big fan of the Fifa series, I have played many, many Fifa games in the past and I also play the new ones every year. I have also played the Fifa Street games in the past and to be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of these game I thought they was OK but not great. After a four year gap from the last Fifa Street game lets see if EA Sports can change my opinion of the Fifa Street series.

When you get to the main menu you will have five options to choose from. The first mode is "Hit The Streets" which is basically the normal quick match seen in all sports games. When you have chosen that there is another five match types you can play these are 5-A-Side, Panna Rules, Futsal, Last Man Standing and custom match. There is a nice array of match types to choose from and the custom match will add even more match types on top of the four that you get. I played the normal 5-A-Side mode first and I must say its pretty fun there was a few hiccups here and there with the gameplay but it was pretty much pick up and play I had a rematch straight after because the match is only 6 minutes long which is pretty short. I had fun with my two quick matches and I can say to people who are worried that you will have to master this game will not have to worry as you can just pick the controller up and start to get an idea pretty soon. Then there is always the practise arena that returns from the main Fifa games which will help you get more of an idea of the controls and the gameplay but trust me you should have an idea of the game after a match or two.

Having a match or two will help you play the basics but if you want to really good then you will have to learn some of the advanced controls which can be difficult to get used to compared to the easy basic controls so I suggest looking into the tutorial videos that will give you hints and tips on how to do more advanced things on
Fifa Street and also I recommend to try the practise arena to perfect the advanced controls that you will learn but if you like playing causally for fun and want to keep the difficulty low then the basics should keep you happy as I found it easy to pick up and play with the basics.

The next match I tried was Panna Rules. Panna rules is another fun game where you have to build points up by doing things like a panna and then cash them in by scoring a goal into much smaller nets so it is tricky at times to get the goal. The game is also 2 vs 2 and has 2 two minutes halves. The next game I tried was futsal. Futsal is were there is no walls around the arena so you have to watch were you sprint and shoot. Its not much different than a normal game it just makes it more challenging for both of the teams playing and is just an OK mode. The next one I tried was Last Man Standing which is 4 V 4 with no goalkeepers and when a player scores a goal he is out of the match this is until all four players on one of the teams are out and they will win the match. I thought this was another fun mode and it was the mode I played the most because I liked it that much. Then you can make your own kind of match choosing from different options these options include Match type, half length, extra time, golden goal, how many players, if you want a goalkeeper or not, ball type and fouls on or off. As you can see there is many options to choose from and many new matches to be made.

Then to the bad news I came across some bad bugs and glitches in the game one that I can say ruined some matches for me as your player can actually get stuck to the wall of the arena and you can't get off it until the end of the half which really ruins matches and especially matches like Last Man standing and sadly it wasn't a one time glitch as it has happened a few times now and then I had some really weird ones like the player randomly falling down like he was tackled when no player is near them and some other smaller bugs that are not worth mentioning as I came across them once and aren't bad. I do hope that bug with the player getting stuck to wall gets fixed though.

Online was another disappointment for me. The Online matches run nice and smooth for me which was good to see but some of my favourite modes on single player are not able to be played online. Remember how I said I thought Last Man Standing was the best mode on single player well that along with Panna Rules are not online compatible I don't know why they are not able to played online as they are really fun modes to play by your self or with local friends imagine how much fun we could have by playing against people all around the world? I was leaving Online to last because I was really looking forward to competing with people on Last Man Standing mode to see how good other people are as well and also for the pure fun it would be to do so. Really disappointed with this as those two modes was a must for online. The other online flaw is that you can not play with real licensed teams online which for me is a really big flaw as I really like playing with official teams online and playing as the real players.

I played the world tour mode as well and it is OK its just basically you start off as a small team and you win matches and tournaments and build yourself up and then you play bigger matches and bigger tournaments its a pretty good mode nothing to go crazy about but still good. Some other random thoughts that I can think of is that there is no commentary so you can hear the players shouting which can get a little annoying at times the menu music is decent and is the similar kind you get in the Fifa series and there is some arenas that you can unlock by playing the world tour mode.

The Final Verdict.

Fifa street is much better than its previous additions and easily my favourite of the series the high point of this game is the different array of game modes to play offline but sadly cannot be played online for some reason that I don't know. The gameplay is fun and like I said easy to do basics after a few matches mix that with a few bad bugs you still have a pretty decent game and worth playing when you get some time. Like I said the game has its glitches and bugs and removals but the game is 100% fun to play and even more fun to play with multiple people locally.

+ Fun gameplay
+ Different game modes like Last Man Standing and Panna are great
- Bad glitches and bugs
- No licensed teams online
- Lack of online game modes



  1. Personally, I love the buggy collisions! Real life accidental collisions aren't pretty either. I think it adds character and makes the game less repetitive. Having the goalie take my legs out while juggling causing me to face-plant, and the ball fall and bounce off the back of my head to slowly roll into the goal is a moment I'll never forget and something that I'll never see again.

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