Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge Review

This review contains plot details with some minor spoilers 

FINALLY! I have been waiting for DLC for Arkham City since I finished the amazing game back in October. It was always a shame that Arkham Asylum never got any story DLC with it being one of my all time favourite games but Arkham City doesn't dissapoint and has given us some brand new story DLC that takes place after Arkham City has finished. Lets see if they made DLC worthy of Arkham City.

One of the brand new features of this DLC is being able to play as Robin who also brings with him some new weapons to use like the Bullet shield and Snap Flash.Robin is here to save Batman after being kidnapped by Harley Quinn as Robin's story progresses you will also be able to play as Batman. The Batman sequences of the DLC tell us how he was kidnapped and what he was doing that day.

The main question on every Arkham City fans mind has been is it good? And the answer is simple, yes! Although it felt a bit short it was more Arkham City which is always a good thing as the DLC carries over the great gameplay and voice acting of the main game and gives us new gameplay with the Robin sequences. Without spoiling the ending of the DLC, for me it wasn't good and most might agree with me when they see it but like I said no spoilers in here.

The Final Verdict

If you still own your copy of Arkham City then go buy this right now! It is more Arkham City which is always a good thing. For anyone reading this review who do not own a copy of Arkham City already I recommend you buy the Game Of The Year edition and enjoy the main game (Plus extras!) In my opinion out of all the DLC I have played this year this has to be the best so far. Prices for the game are 10$/£6.49 for the PS3 and 800 Microsoft points for the Xbox 360 which isn't too much at all for another
2 hours of Arkham City. If possible please give us more Arkham City DLC and I will buy it Day 1 again.

+ Gameplay
+ Its more Arkham City
+ The great voice acting carries over to the DLC
+ Letting us play as Robin to mix it up a bit

- A little short
- Ending


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