Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mass Effect 3 - Extended Cut DLC Thoughts

This contains major ending spoilers!

This DLC is just new endings with no gameplay so I wouldn't even call it a review just my own quick thoughts on the endings.

In my opinion I thought the endings are defiantly an improvement from the original endings. Here are some of the reasons why I liked the endings.

  • Shepard gets a final farewell from the crew as they add his name to the memorial 
  • Added a totally new option called "Reject" this is were you can tell the kid you don't want to choose anything which is something I would have loved to have as a option in the original ending.
  • There is more of A conclusion at the end of the endings 
  • Its just something minor but I liked how everyone who died during your ME playthrough gets a final farewell at the end
  • The end of the ending with the kid and Grandpa actually tells us that the story was true the original ending made many people confused if it was Grandpas own story or if he was retelling a true story. 

The ending with Shepard still breathing remains and nothing extra happened with that so maybe a new DLC or game is being hinted or maybe it is left for us to think what happens next. I would love more DLC for Mass Effect 3 and I hope Bioware is thinking about making some more. Oh its free so go download it right now!!

I won't give this any scores or any other kind of review stuff I will just say I am happy with the new endings they are much better than before and again I hope we get more Mass Effect whether its DLC or even a new game...?

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