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The Amazing Spiderman Video Game Review

One of my favorite Spiderman games of all time is Spiderman 2. I just loved swinging around the city and doing side missions while also playing some of the main game at the same time. I loved the free roaming of Spiderman games and I have missed it because recent Spiderman games do not include free roaming so I was happy to hear free roaming is back and side missions are also back! After hearing these were back in the game I was really excited to play the game but lets see if it was worth the wait. 

When I first started the game I loved the combat gameplay it is simple and easy to just pick up and start beating up some bad guys. The game also features some pretty cool looking combos for us to use as well. The gameplay reminds me a little bit of the Batman Arkham games which is defiantly a good thing! Another gameplay feature that I found very early into the game is the web rush that will help you get through certain obstacles like the laser detection's in the opening level this is another good feature to the game and lastly at the end of the first level you will be introduced to the games upgrade menu in the form of a cellphone this will not only let you purchase tech upgrades and character upgrades its also the place were you can look at your stats, email and the map of the city. 

The phone gives you a nice selection of upgrades to unlock. Some of the upgrades you will see are combat boosts and attack damage for the characters upgrade and web strength and rapid fire for tech upgrades. For me the combat gameplay is a big plus for just being simple and also fun. One problem I found with the gameplay though was there is no button to stick to the wall it just automatically 
does it this can cause you to stick to the walls when you don't want to.

After the first mission is over you are now let out into the big city and no I will not blame you for having a little swing around the city before started the next mission its what I did. I am happy to say that the swinging around the city is still as fun as ever. You can also use that web rush that I talked about before to get to certain places quicker and it is another good addition to the Spiderman games. Although I don't mind webs do not stick to buildings but it must be noted for people who do care about things like this but like I said it is just a minor thing and shouldn't affect your playthrough of this game. 

You will also encounter early in the game the first of the boss fights that are featured in The Amazing Spiderman. I thought the boss fights in the game are OK they can be a little repetitive but there not too bad. As the game progresses you will unlock Spiderman's apartment this were you can replay levels, change costumes and view the stuff you have collected while playing the game which brings me to the next part of the review the collectibles there is many things to collect in the game you can even collect comic
pages that you can actually read in the extras menu! That is a cool extra to the game but it comes at price you have to find 700 of these pages which will take you quite a bit of time to find. I mentioned in the first paragraph about the return of side missions these include stopping crimes in progress or helping someone in need they are repetitive and some are not fun but it does add more to play time to game which is always good. 

The story is different than usual. The story is actually after the movie ended its not a retelling of the movies story its a brand new epilogue to the movie. With this being a epilogue there is some major movie spoilers so if you are waiting to watch the movie spoiler free I would wait until after watching to pick this game up so you don't get spoiled. The in game story is little uninteresting for me but I won't go into to detail because of movie and game spoilers. The final bits of the game I want to talk about is the graphics and sound. Spiderman looks really good graphic wise and the city looks good as well. The sound is also another plus with some good voice acting for this game although there is something very annoying I would like to point out when Spiderman is swinging through the city he will start shouting "WOOOOOOOOO" and "OH YEHAHHHH" this can become really annoying after a while. 

The final verdict

The Amazing Spiderman may not be "Amazing" but it is a very good entry in to the Spiderman video game series it offers a brand new cannon storyline, the return of free roaming, fun gameplay and other features. There is also other stuff you can after completing the game to increase game time like collectibles and side missions. The main story can be completed in around 9-10 hours and adding everything else your game time could come close to the 20 hour+ mark. Although the story and bosses are kind of a let down there is still many things that makes this a solid addition to the Spiderman video game series and a game that you should buy. 

+Gameplay is fun and easy to get used to
+Good voice acting
+Web swinging
+Free roaming

-Some boss battles (Not all)

Final score


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