Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Walking Dead - Episode 2 Starved For Help Review

This review will contain minor spoilers/plot details 

Walking Dead episode 2 is finally here and I can say it is still as good as the first episode and maybe even better. The gameplay remains the same so you can read about all my thoughts on the gameplay in my episode 1 review. This review and the other episodes will be talking about the story more and the direction the new episodes take.

Episode 2 is set 3 months after the 1st episode there is also a new member to the group called Mark who brings with him a bunch of food to keep them going but now that the food almost all gone its time to find food for the group. This episode takes a completely different direction to the 1st episode the 2nd episode is all about survival while the 1st was more about action and killing zombies with bits of survival. You can tell because you only fight one zombie in the whole episode.

I have 2 different playthroughs of The Walking Dead one good one were Lee does all the right things and one were he makes bad decisions I can say that the two episodes felt different, people acted different towards Lee and the dialogue from the other characters were also very different. The decisions you have to make make in episode 2 make episode one's choices look simple, at the end of the game it tells you what else everyone chose (in percentages) and the hightest percentage difference was 53%/47% episode 1 had percentages differences of like 74%/36% but episode 2's decisions are almost even for all of them! 

One of the smaller decisions in the game that I can go into detial without being a spoiler is near the start of the game when the food is running low Lee has to pick 4 people who get to eat while the other 6 are left hungry. The other 6 being left without food will impact the rest of the episode later down the line as they will ask why you didn't pick them if you pick good dialogue choices you can make them think otherwise but if you pick bad dialogue choices you can further impact the relationship between the two characters even further. 

People are wondering does episode 1 choices really matter? Yes they do actually there is a few times were you are confronted by a group member for something you did in episode 1 one of the dialogues I got was by Kenny asking me why was I not loyal to him or his family in the past.
One final thing I would like to bring up is this episode is INTENSE! Near the end you will get what I mean, your mouths will be left open in shock at parts of this game whether it will be a shocking decision, a shocking twist to the story or even something violent. Episode 2 was another solid entry to The Walking Dead video game series.

The Final Verdict

Episode 2 of The Walking Dead might have been just a little bit better than episode 1 because of those intense moments in the game that you will understand once you have completed the game. Episode 2 also has the awesome voice acting that we heard in episode 1 and the choices system is still as awesome as it was in episode 1. I hope the decisions we get in episode 3 leave us scratching our heads even more and make us think "WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I DO!!!" all I can say is BRING ON EPISODE 3!

+Voice acting 
+Tough choices

-Had some freezing and audio problems at times

Final score


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