Monday, 17 September 2012

Jet Set Radio HD Review

Jet Set Radio is the next classic Dreamcast game to recive the HD remake treatment after such other Dreamcast classics got the HD treatment like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi in 2010. Jet Set Radio was one of my all time favorites on the Dreamcast, and I still play it on the Dreamcast in the year 2012 so you should know how excited I was for the HD release. Lets see if Jet Set Radio still holds up well in 2012.

The main objective of the game is to tag your own grafatii in certian parts of the maps while also on a time limit. You think that's it? Expect some run ins with the police and their tear gas as well as other gangs are in the area to look out for. The stages are still fun and also challenging (Mainly because of that time limit) I still find some the "boss" missions annoying. For example there is a mission were you have to tag the rival gangs, and it can be extremely difficult to catch them in the right position to tag them. Although I said its annoying its still a good challenge.

The soundtrack is mostly left untouched which is a good thing because the original soundtrack for the game was awesome, and  still is today. Normally in remakes almost all if not ALL of the soundtrack from the original is removed so its good to finally see a remake have its original soundtrack. The new HD visuals are very well done and the artistic graphics look even better than they did in the original game. You might be asking "What is new? Or "Is there anything new in the game" and the answer is yes. Added to the HD remake is an online leaderboard and some achievements for the main game. Although not much its still cool to have.

The Final Verdict

Jet Set Radio still managed to hold up well in my eyes, and maybe took it a step futher with the brand new HD graphics. Having the original soundtrack really helped me like this remake as well. Gameplay is still as fun as ever. Some of the missions in the main game are as frustrating as they was over 10 years ago. Jet Set Radio only costs 1200 points which is a steal for such a classic. People who are new to this game should love it and people who played it many years ago will have a blast of nostalgia in their face.

+Fun gameplay
+Addition of online leaderboards

-Some levels can be annoying and not as fun
-While the graphics look nice there is still some noticable problems

Final Score


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