Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

Tekken games have always been up there as my favourite fighting games. I love the fighters, the music, the gameplay, the fun/crazy side of Tekken games and many other things. Now I am happy to say that I feel that same way with this game the fighting gameplay while can be tricky for new comers is pretty solid once you get the hang of things which you might do this year with some of the features added to this game. Lets see how I thought this Tekken was another solid entry to the series.

Added to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the much needed Fight Labs. In Fight Labs you play as a robot called Combot, and play through crazy and fun missions. By completing the missions not only do you learn more about the basics of the gameplay you also earn money and experience which can be used to purchase moves and abilities for your own Combot. Your Combat can also be used in any of the offline other game modes. There is also the familiar training mode that can teach you the many different moves and combos in the game.

The customisation in TTT2 is unbelievable. Every fighter on the roster can be customised to your liking, and when I said unbelievable I mean unbelievable you can turn any of the fighters in to some of the craziest things you can think of. You can customise the fighter to the point where you can't even recognise the fighter anymore. The customisation of the fighters was one of the biggest positives in the game for me.

Now you know about the training, Fight Labs and the customisation lets get in to the real meat of this game and that is all the game modes on offer. In TTT2 you can play such modes as Arcade, Survival, Team Battle and more. The game really has been packed with content with all these modes, and I found all the offline game modes to be fun and addicting to play. Arcade mode is what you expect it to be (Including a tough boss) when you beat the final boss you are treated to a one of the many different endings in the game but with the amount of fighters in the game it's going to take you a while to finish arcade with all of them.

The online in the game is solid. I had no problems connecting to fights or problems during the fights it all ran very smooth and very well. It should also be known that TTT2 has a feature called "World Tekken Federation" which records all your online fights so you can look back and see some of your best moments or worst moments and learn where you went wrong so you can improve in those areas. I think this a very good feature to added to game.

On top of all this that you are getting with TTT2 you can also look forward to some pretty awesome looking graphics, a very good selection for a soundtrack and finally some creative arenas to fight in.

The Final Verdict

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a solid fighting game although it does have some noticeable flaws in the game you can't argue that it isn't full of content, has awesome looking visuals, catchy themes and other positive features that make this game so good. Normally a fighting game wouldn't be one of those games you actually called "full of content" but this I can say is full of content. You will be spending most of your hours competing online, unlocking many different unlockables, customising fighters and the most important thing is you will be having fun playing this game. I defiantly recommend you buy this game.

+Customising fighters
+Solid graphics, music and arenas


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