Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Walking Dead: The Game - Episode 4: Around Every Corner Review

Episode 4 of Walking Dead starts off from were Episode 3 left off as you and the group have now made it to Savannah. In true Walking Dead fashion there is some problems with the group as Omid's injury from episode 3 is starting to cause him problems, there is more arguing between the group and it looks like they could fall apart in seconds. Lee is also trying to find out where this walkie talkie voice is coming from. Without any major spoilers from other episodes these are the main story points in episode 4 that will be talked about.

In episode 4 of the Walking Dead you will be left with some even harder choices to make than the last 3 games. One of the choices in the game is deciding whether to let this (unnamed for spoiler reasons) drop to his death or risk the group/Lee's life saving the person. When you first think about whether to let the person go or not there is lots of positives and negatives that come from the choice you will make. These positives and negatives are not all known beforehand too it will affect the EP4 ending and the next episode quite a lot.

The story in Episode 4 was in my opinion the weaker one out of the 4 episodes released so far. It isn't that the story is bad at all in this episode it's just that the other ones were at such a great quality and this episode was a little lower in quality. Although I thought the story was a bit weaker in this episode the ending in this episode was easily the best ending in the series, and it gets you really excited for the next episode. Like the other episodes expect some shocks, twists and turns in the story especially the ending.

The Final Verdict

Walking Dead episode 4 was another good entry to the series although not the same quality of EP 1,2 and 3 EP4 was still a welcomed addition to the series and really builds towards the huge finale episode which should be coming out by the end of the year. EP4 to me seemed like a build up episode almost a filler in a way but the filler is needed to really get us ready for how big the next episode will be. I am really looking forward to the next episode of The Walking Dead and I hope it surpasses the quality of the first three. Until then see ya at the EP5 review.

+Tough choices
+Best ending of the series

-Weaker story
-Most of the new characters are not as interesting

Final Score


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