Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dishonored Review

In Dishonored you play as Corvo Attano who is the protector of the empress but she ends up being assassinted and Corvo is looking for revenge because of the murder. The game takes place in the city of Dunwall which has been infected with a plague caused by rats. As you play as Corvo it is up to you to decide the route he takes on his way to revenge do you want him to be killer? Or a guy who can take people down without turning
violence into murders.

One of the great features I have to talk about in Dishonored is how you yourself can decide how you want the missions to go. Sure you are an assassin in this game but that doesn't mean you have to kill people to obtain your overall goal. You don't even have to kill a single person in this game if you don't want to. You can be the good guy assassin and it will show in the game as missions will be altered in different ways depending on your actions. Don't like being the good guy? Well that is also fine with this game as you can kill everyone and anyone you want but you should be warned this will alter things in your playthrough and some are not for the best.

Dishonored monitors your actions as well by using a "Chaos meter". The chaos meter will either be low if you decide not to kill people and use alternative ways of completing missions or it will high if you decide screw it! And kill all in your way without a single care. Playing the game with a high chaos meter will make the game overall harder to play as you will encounter more guards and infected people.

Corvo can also be customised with new upgrades/perks to become the perfect assassin. Dishonored features 10 totally different powers that can be unlocked and once unlocked can be upgraded. To purchase upgrades you will need to find runes that are all around the city. There is many different powers and perks you can gain in Dishonored these include being able to slow down time (Can be fully upgraded to actually stop time completely) and Blink can be used to teleport short distances. Dishonored also has limited amounts of runes so you won't be able to unlock every power in one playthrough so my advice would be to purchase 3 powers and work on upgrading them to the max.

Dishonored isn't supposed to one of those games that you play and when you beat it you let it collect dust or sell it. Dishonored encourages the player to play multiple times. First of all there is 2 different endings so a 2nd playthrough is a must but it doesn't just stop at a 2nd ending a 2nd playthrough can be totally different if you want it to be. Remember how I mentioned before you can go a whole playthrough killing whoever you wanted or go on a playthrough finding clever ways to complete missions/defeat enemies. Corvo will also feel different in a 2nd playthrough if you purchase the powers you didn't pick in the 1st playthrough. Let's just say Dishonored is a game that needs to be played multiple times.

The Final Verdict

Dishonored was a solid game. I liked how there are different ways to play the game and that you don't have to follow a certain guide telling you how to play but instead you told the game how you want to play. While on this subject I like how missions play out differently depending on what kind of route you choose to take Corvo on. Dishonored also has some good positives that shouldn't go ignored like how well the city of Dunwall is made or how good the character models look and finally the voice work in the game is very good as well.

+ I like how different each playthrough feels
+ Graphics/design of Dunwall/voice acting are all well done
+ You get to decide how you want to play the game

Final Score


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