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Resident Evil 6 Review

I played Leon's campaign first, and I was very impressed with it. Leon's campaign was a small return to the old survival horror route seen in the original 3 Resident Evil games. The story takes place at the Tall Oaks university that is full of dark corridors, tense moments, build up and real zombies! Along with Leon you can also play as new comer Helena who will be teaming up with Leon to beat up some monsters. This campaign doesn't just take place in Tall Oaks but you will find yourself going through tombs, laboratories and eventually China. 

Leon's campaign is pretty long too it will take around 8-10 hours to complete. Expect lots of twist and turns in the story too. After Leon's campaign I played Chris's campaign. In Chris's campaign you team up with another new comer called Piers. I didn't really like this campaign much because it felt too much like a Gears Of War game. The campaign is non stop shooting and killing monsters, and to be honest after a while it gets really boring. 

After playing Chris's campaign I started Jake's campaign who teams up with Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 2. Jake's story is that his blood can save many life's but he will only give it for a price (The merchant from Resident Evil 4 would buy it at a HIGH PRICE) along with that Jake and Sherry get chased by a big monster called the Ustanak that is also invincible. The Ustanak is similar to the way Nemesis chases you during Resident Evil 3 (Not even close to being as scary) 

Jake's campaign is like a mix of the other two but leaning more to the Chris/Action side of gameplay. I thought it was an OK campaign but it doesn't come close to Leon's solid campaign. The final campaign is Ada Wong's who we have seen in multiple Resident Evil games throughout the years. This campaign is unlocked after finishing the main 3. This campaign is actually the 2nd best campaign in my opinion as it's a single player only campaign and gives you a sense that you're alone in this and no can save you except yourself. Along with that you get to use the crossbow as a weapon which is exclusive to her. You can also expect some stealth and puzzles in this campaign as well. 

Altogether the story was OK. Leon's was easily the best and Ada's campaign quality shocked me while Chris's bored me and Jake's was just there.Some story element problems I had with the game was the puzzles. The puzzles like the recent Resident Evil games are way too easy to complete, and should be harder in difficulty like the older games. The bosses aren't that great and kind of repetitive at times as well. The enemies are pretty decent it was good to see the traditional zombies return and also in the action campaigns there was some good enemy design. I have to say though I was impressed at the amount of time it takes to complete each campaign it will roughly take around 30 hours to beat all the campaigns in the game. Also it should be noted that all 3 campaigns overlap each other so expect a Chris/Leon confrontation which is something long time fans have been waiting for since 1998. 

This is my major flaw with the story. I hate the CO-OP system in Resident Evil 6 (I hated it with 5 too) I don't agree with it being forced in to single player sure put CO-OP in a Resident Evil game but don't force it on us. When you finally get to play the game and finish Leon's campaign imagine how much more tense it would be if it was just you alone fighting your way through zombies to survive. I just hate how the CO-OP partner is always there to save you I want to feel in danger and also scared to be alone with no help. Another problem with CO-OP is I have to wait for the A.I partner to come to the door (They can be far away at times) so I can progress to the next area. Resident Evil Revelations had a good solution for this and made the whole map without loading so you didn't have to wait for your partner to get to the door so you can progress. I know people will like to play CO-OP with friends and there is some cool aspects in RE6's CO-OP like two stories mixing with each other online to make it 4 player CO-OP but for me Resident Evil CO-OP is bad. 

The gameplay has some new additions in RE6. Gone are the days were you have to stop and shoot now you can move and shoot. Another thing added to the game is the cover system which is pretty bad and moves even further from the old Resident Evil days. Also added to RE6 is being able to attack when in the "dying" state. In Resident Evil 5 you just waited until the A.I or human healed you but now you can actually shoot while in that state and also there is a bar that when at 100% you can get up yourself. Healing has a few minor differences now there is a button to automatically heal instead of going through an inventory to heal. There is also a few things you can customize in the game like the aiming you can choose if you want the cross hairs or not and also choose what color you want the laser to be. The indicator telling you were to go can thankfully be removed as well. 

Finally there is the online modes. Along with playing side by side with a friend going through all the campaigns there is some other online modes that you can expect to play and these are Agent Hunt Mode and the long running Mercenaries mode. In Agent Hunt Mode you can join a random persons online game and be an infected character and try to kill the two players. Mercenaries is the same from the past few years were you (Or an online partner) go and take down as many enemies as you can until the time runs out so you can earn the skill points. Skill points are used to buy skills and perks for the game this can include infinite ammo, firepower and more.

The Final Verdict

Resident Evil 6 was far from the best Resident Evil of all time but wasn't the worst of all time either. The game impressed me with the amount of content that you can play through. Four separate story campaigns combined taking 30 hours to finish is pretty impressive. Leon's campaign is everything right with the game and is sort of the right direction that should have been taken while Chris's campaign is everything wrong with Resident Evil. The next game needs a big overhaul kind of how Resident Evil 3 was to Resident Evil 4. The action needs to be cut down and the CO-OP should be optional these are my two biggest complaints with the game. You're probably wondering should I buy the game or not then? I would say not yet. When the price lowers I would say give it a go because it isn't a bad game it's just a bad Resident Evil game. 

+Story is 30 hours long
+Leon's campaign
+Voice acting

-Cover system
-Way too much action not enough balance 
-forced CO-OP ruins single player and any sense of danger
-Chris's campaign was awful

Final Score


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  1. really disappointing news that nobodies digging RE6