Friday, 4 January 2013

Information bout early 2013 reviews on ThisGenGameReviews

UPDATED:  Hitman Absolution Review - Posted 4th of January 2013.

UPDATED: Skyrim: Dragonborn Review - Posted 26th of January 2013.

UPDATED: Hitman HD Trilogy Review - Posted 29th of January 2013

Due to a lack of video games that will be reviewed in January I decided to finish the reviews of two games and DLC content that were half finished before Christmas and publish them during this month so there would be some new content this month. These games will be Hitman Absolution, Far Cry 3 and the DLC will be Skyrim: Dragonborn. The Hitman review will be coming very soon either today (4th of January) or tomorrow, the Far Cry 3 review will be coming next week or possibly even sooner and Dragonborn DLC review will be coming later on in January.

Our first planned 2013 release review will be Hitman HD Trilogy this month followed by Dead Space 3 in February.

Just also want to say thanks to everyone who has visited the site since March of last year. Can't wait to bring you more reviews in 2013.

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