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Hitman Absolution Review

Yeah, if you have seen my other reviews on the website you will know in a lot of my reviews I start by saying "I never played this series of games before" and it is the same for Hitman. After starting my reviews last year I got to play so many great new series that I had no interest in playing in the past and Hitman is another one of these games. Hitman Absolution was a surprise hit for me in 2012. Just for the fact I knew nothing about the game or the past games and when I started to play it I was like "WHY DIDN'T I PLAY THESE GAMES IN THE PAST!" and now I will tell you why the game is that good.

As soon as the game started it shocked me how great the graphics was. Character models look awesome and the main character (Named "47") had an awesome character design and look. Even the enemies and NPC's looked really good in the game. Along with great looking character models the game boasts some very nice looking surroundings these surroundings aren't boring and repetitive they are different and are done very well in the game. There are also many different places that range from buildings, to a desert, to Chinatown and mines! They all look really awesome and if you hate seeing the same background in games then you will love Hitman's surroundings.

In the game you have the option to either by really sneaky when killing off targets or just run in crazy and shoot everything in site. When being really sneaky at times you will have to look everywhere for the best route because you're not going to be able to just run in one direction and find the target. There are multiple ways to get to the target but it is up to you to find the best way of getting to them.

As the game requires quite a lot of stealth there are many stealth features in Hitman. For example you can hide in different places if you have been seen to get away from enemies who have caught you, you can use your surroundings to get past enemies like turning on a radio or sound a car alarm to distract people and the game also allows you to have disguises that you can either find in the area or that you can steal from enemies you have either knocked out or killed. There are many different disguises you can have in the game and these will help lower your suspicion by enemies but if you get caught in a disguise that disguise will be useless and you will need a new one.

Hitman Absolution has two things you need to be aware of and that is your score in the current level and your notoriety and these two features mix into each other quite a lot of times. Your score in Hitman can be increased and decreased by doing certain things completing a objective will earn you 6500 points but these points can be useless if you have been killing the enemies that aren't targets because that will lose you 500 points each time you kill one. You can earn points by also performing headshots and also "cleaning up the area" after you are finished which means you need to hide all the people you have killed so you can raise your score. Get caught by someone? You would have just lost 1500 points so it pays to be sneaky in Hitman while wild and crazy shooters will be punished with lower scores. This is also how notoriety and the score system will cross paths in the game.

There are many different weapons you can have access to in the game. Some you start of with like some minor guns and a wire to choke enemies so you can take them as quiet as possible. Along with set weapons you can also find weapons lying around in places and these weapons include knifes, bottles, bricks, screwdrivers, books and a toy! Lets just say there are many weapons to use in Hitman so be creative as you want. There is also something really cool when using guns in the game you can do something called "Point-Shooting" were the game freezes and you can target people to shoot and you can shoot as many people as you want as long as their on the screen. I found it fun and addicting to use the Point-Shooting to get some very cool looking headshots.

Hitman doesn't have many downsides at all but there are a few little ones that I need to bring up. First of all the game isn't very long you can get a good 10-13 hours out of the game if you aren't rushing and another 10 hours can be added if you want to find everything in the game like evidence, disguises and also complete challenges that are not finished yet. There are also times when enemy A.I was a little weak and couldn't see me when I was in their clear view. Other than a few other small hiccups here and there the game manages to not be full of disappointments and problems.

The Final Verdict 

Hitman Absolution was a very fun and also an awesome game to play. If you didn't get this in 2012 then you need to go get it right now and play it. This game was that good that I will be purchasing the HD trilogy later this month because I want more Hitman! Hitman Absolution will go down as one of the greats in 2012 video gaming and it deserves every bit of positive feedback it gets.

+Love the stealth gameplay
+You plan how you kill the target
+Fun gameplay
+Amazing graphics

-Bit short
-Clumsy A.I at times

Final Score


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