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Skyrim: Dragonborn Review

More Skyrim? Well that is always a good thing right? Well with Dawnguard we found out that it was a good thing. While having some problems here and there it got a solid 7.5 rating for its sheer amount of content, gameplay additions and a slight branching storyline. I am happy to say that Dragonborn is pretty much the same as Dawnguard but even better! Why is Dragonborn better? Keep reading and find out.

Dragonborn adds many things into the main game of Skyrim and one of the biggest features is a brand new location called Solstheim. This is were pretty much every Dragonborn mission will take place. Solstheim had a pretty large area to roam around and with it comes a whole bunch of new camps, caves and dragon lairs to explore. Not every addition is restricted to the new area and missions there are some things new additions you can use in Skyrim like new shouts, spells and the long awaited dragon riding. Dragon riding is a cool addition but it is on the rails so you are not in control of the dragon. The only thing you can do is command it to land and attack people. While its a little bit of a let down to not have free control of dragons it's still a fun and needed addition to Skyrim.

Dragonborn adds 7 new main quests to the game. The main story of Dragonborn is once you become Dragonborn in the game (Yes, you can play Dragonborn before completing Skyrim's main quest) you will be attacked by cultists who after being defeated will have a note in their possession requesting the death of your character. You also find out that it was a person named Miraak who ordered the killing so your character will find themselves searching for him in Solstheim. The main quests are just a very small part of the overall quests that are added to Skyrim. Along with 7 main quests you will also have over 40! New side quests added that take place not only in Solstheim but some actually take place in Skyrim too. One of these Skyrim missions has you going up against easily the most powerful enemy the game has ever had and he is called "The Ebony Warrior"

The Ebony Warrior side quest can only be started if you are Level 80. You will be challenged by him to a fight to the death at the Last Vigil and he will also have a crazy amount of advantages over your character. He is in a full ebony armor suit which is one of the strongest armor suits in the game, has a 50% Resistance to frost, fire and shock damage, his armor is heavily enchanted and he also knows the disarm and unrelenting force shouts. This takes place on a high mountain and he can shout you off the mountain so be very careful not to get close to the edge. You will need plenty of potions and have a follower who will also attack him to have a better chance against him. Fight smart and you will be able to beat him but if you rush the fight and try to beat him quick then you will be finished in seconds. Once you defeat him you can steal all of his powerful gear.

The Final Verdict

Dragonborn was an awesome add on to Skyrim and should be a 100% purchase for all Skyrim fans. On top of a solid 3/4 hour main quest you are getting tons of interesting side quests that have some big perks like the Ebony Warrior's armor for example. There isn't much to complain about in this DLC expect the dragon riding and the main quest can sometimes become a little repetitive other than that though this is a solid entry to the Skyrim DLC series.

+Lots of stuff to do
+Adds tons of content
+3-4 hour main quest

+/-Dragon riding while a cool addition is limited.
-Main quest can get repetitive at times

Overall rating


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